Google has shared more details the upcoming security section in its Google Play store. A new post from the company shows what the Android app market looks like after the implementation the new security and privacy policies. As early as May, Google announced a new security section of the Google Play Store, where applications must mention how they collect user data and how to deal with it- to Apple’s App Store nutrition label. In addition, Google also announced that the new user data policy changes will also apply to Google’s internal applications.

A post on the Android Developers blog from Google shows what the Google Play Store will look like after the implementation the new security section in the first quarter of 2022. “This new security section will provide developers with an easy way to demonstrate the overall security of their applications. Developers will be able to give users a deeper understanding of their privacy and security practices, and explain what the application may collect The data and why-everything is before the user installs the application,” said the blog post.

At a glance, users will be able to see the new summary on the application list page the Google Play store. The summary will contain the developer’s explanation of what data the application will collect from the user and how it will process or use the collected data. The summary will also highlight some key points user security, including security practices used by developers, such as data encryption. It will also mention whether the app complies with Google’s family policy and whether the app has been independently verified in accordance with global security standards.

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Users will be able to click on the summary to view detailed information, such as the type data collected and shared, such as location, contacts, information, financial information, etc. It will also detail how the application uses the data-for application functionality, personalization, or other aspects. The detailed information will also contain information whether data collection is mandatory or optional to use the application.

Google also mentioned that it “knows that developers appreciate when they can provide background on their data practices and more details whether their application automatically collects data and whether that collection is optional.” Because of the new The security part is still under development, and the search giant said that the user interface (UI) may change during implementation. Google also announced that all developers must provide a privacy policy for their applications to increase user transparency.

The search giant also shared the timetable for its security section, giving developers plenty of time to adapt to the new changes in the Google Play store. Developers can submit their information starting in October, and the new security section will be visible to users in early 2022. Google has given developers a deadline of April 2022 to allow the security part of their applications to be approved, otherwise new applications or updates to existing applications may be rejected for listing.

Google also provides developers with a “how to prepare” section on its blog. There is also a policy webinar for developers from India, Japan, South Korea and other regions.