bronco sport first edition

You know that when people have trouble spending money, you get popular products. 2021 Ford The Mustang was exposed last night and we-maybe you-noticed right away Ford Bronco Booking Website Obviously trying to deal with the volume. We often cannot access the site. morning, Ford posted a notice the website saying the limited edition limited edition: “The reservation is full.”

That’s just the first edition. You can still keep one of the other six decorations to meet your needs. Although we bet some Ford web developers stay up late, the booking site seems to be running better morning.

The way it works is that you book immediately and pay a deposit of $100, then choose your preferred method DealerAt the end of 2020, your dealer will contact you to help you place orders and configure Bronco; in the spring of 2021, you will be track.

The first edition was never intended to last long, nor will it exceed 2021. Ford said that only 3,500 vehicles can be built unless last night’s events convinced Ford to extend the race time. Considering that the first edition combines all possible off-road performance and all possible luxury into one model, two doors start at $60,800 and four doors start at $64,995 (including destination $1,495), adding some more may not be a bad idea. But at present, they have been asked to protect.

If you are hooked it, you will know that the first version will be equipped with Badlands machinery (heavy suspension), Outer Banks interior and Wildtrak interior. There is optional software package because everything is standard. The lineup includes mid-level, high-end and Lux ​​packaging, as well as Susques packaging. It also adds the first version of the hood, body side graphics, and a hard top painted in shaded black, Apple Browser Bar counter, carpet floor, leather seat (electric driver seat) and unique interior specifications.

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We have a complete Decreased decoration levels of all seven Mustangs, now they are different,as well as Bronco pricing details.

at the same time, Our friends on the Bronco6G forum A tracking list ordered by forum members is being maintained, is a breakdown so far:

  • 2 doors-39%
  • 4 doors-61%
  • First edition-31.3%
  • Wasteland-24.9%
  • Wildtrak-13.2%
  • External banks-8.7%
  • Black Diamond-10.8%
  • Base-5.9%
  • Big Bend-5.2%
  • 11.5% from CA
  • 11.5% from TX
  • New Jersey 4.9%
  • 4.5% of Florida
  • 12.9% of first-time Ford owners
  • 30.3% before or now jeep Owner (shows great interest of Jeep owner/buyer)

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