Warner Bros. announced that the second and final trailer for The Matrix’s Resurrection will be released on Monday, December 6. Just like the first trailer in September, the new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. There is no about the exact release time of the Matrix Resurrection trailer, but the previous one was released at 9 am Eastern Time / 6 am Pacific Time, so if the last trailer follows these steps, the Matrix Resurrection The two trailers will be released Monday at 7:30 pm Eastern Time. The fourth film in the Matrix film series, “The Resurrection of The Matrix,” brings home the actors Keanu Reeves and Kylie Anne Moss and the screenwriter and director Lana Wachowski.

Warner Bros. earlier on Monday announced the December 6 release date for the second and final trailer of “The Matrix Resurrection” on its social media channels, which contains a 27-second trailer. “It’s easy to forget how much noise Matrix has injected into your mind,” said Telma Hopkins’ new character, because The Matrix Resurrections trailer provides us with Neo (Reeves), Trinity (Moss), Bugs (Jessica Henwick) and Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and scenes imitating the first movie “The Matrix”. “There are other that make the same sound: war.” When we saw the spaceship and Neo walking in the Matrix, the background music soared to a climax.

“The most important choice in Neo’s life is not his choice,” said Satie (Priyanka Chopra Jonas)-Chopra Jonas is succeeding Tanville K. Atwar, he is in Played a young Satie in the Matrix Revolution-because the Matrix Resurrection trailer runs through more shots. Some of these lenses are similar to The Matrix, but also have new materials, including something that looks like a real body of Trinity inserted into the Matrix farm. The Matrix Resurrections trailer ends with an action clip with some superpowers and Neo riding a bicycle into fire.

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In addition to Reeves, Moss, Hopkins, Henwick, Abdul-Mateen II and Chopra Jonas, The Matrix Resurrections also Jada Pinkett Smith as the Zion Rebel Niobe, Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian, Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson, and Erendira Yi Walla plays the new role of Lexie. The characters of The Matrix Resurrection are undisclosed, Jonathan Grove, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ritchie, Max Rimelt, Toby Ang Wumei, Brian J Smith, Andrew Caldwell and Alan Holman. Behind the scenes, Wachowski directed the script she co-written with Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell and The Lazarus Project author Aleksandar Hemon.

The Matrix Resurrections will be released in theaters around the world and HBO Max in the United States on December 22 (first month). In India, the fourth Matrix film will be released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

  • release date December 22, 2021
  • language English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
  • type Action, science fiction
  • Throw

    Keanu Reeves, Kelly-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Martin II, Jessica Henwick, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson, Daniel Bernhardt, Ennella Ibarra, Jonathan Grove, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Rich, Tell Mar Hopkins, Max Riemelt, Toby Onwumere, Brian J. Smith, Andrew Caldwell, Alan Holman

  • Director Lana Wachowski
  • music Johnny Krimeck, Tom Tykway
  • Producer Grant Hill, James McTiger, Lana Wachowski
  • Production Country road show pictures, Venus Castina Productions