The 21 is here. It details the new game previously announced by EA Sports, giving us insight into how players use them and their impact on FIFA 21. This includes improved dribbling (called “agile dribbling” in the game), positioning (“positioning awareness”) and collision (“natural collision system”), manual operation (“ operation”) and headers, and coping Challenging Challenge AI (“Competitor Model”). In addition, the FIFA 21 game trailer also revealed the introduction of the “” function, which allows you to undo events and perform other operations with the same actions during the game.

Activated by the right shoulder button and the left stick, “Agile Dribble” can control the ball more closely, helping you to pass defenders or make room for key passes. In order to simplify the transition for novices, FIFA 21 also provides a “contextual agile dribble” function, your players can automatically perform agile dribble in certain situations. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be turned off.

The emergence of two new technical moves has improved FIFA 21’s “agile dribble” ability: bridge dribble and fake ball. In order to ensure that the new mechanism is not overwhelmed, FIFA 21 will allow defenders to use their strength and agility to counter opponents’ actions. To perform a shoulder challenge or hinder the attacker and possession of the ball, use the left trigger button when you are next to the opponent.

With the “creative running” feature, FIFA 21 players can now send matches to AI teammates through manual running, which has been used for several years in competitor Konami’s Evolution Soccer title. But FIFA 21 updates this by allowing you to lock the player. This means that after you pass the ball, the AI ​​will act on its own when you position yourself and then ask backwards to return the ball. You can also use the right stick to jump to other players without the ball.

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FIFA 21 provides two types of “creative running”: “directional passing and running” and “directional running”. To use the former, just slide the correct joystick in the direction of your AI teammate. “Direct Direct Pass and Go” is suitable for all types of passes, including short passes, high passes, passes and passes. For “directional running”, please press and hold the left shoulder button and use the right joystick to indicate. You can also use the right shoulder button and the right joystick to shout to yourself first.

FIFA 21 also brings “positioning awareness” to help you progress on the court. This includes the defender being aware of the danger and better blocking the shot, the midfielder is ready and for the cut pass, and the attacker staying aside when you are ready to assist. However, it is not clear whether the last player will correct FIFA’s one or two passes, where once you trigger this move, the first player will go offside and continue to sprint.

The “Natural Collision System” aims to improve the way of defense and national offense. “FIFA 21” promises that players will bump into each other and fall less. Instead, they will minimize frontal collisions and try to jump over players who fall.

Some of the remaining FIFA 21 changes are classified as “Football Basics”. It includes the introduction of manual headers (available in FIFA 21 game settings), clubs in all competition modes (whether it is the ultimate team (champion, opponent and squad battle), season, co-op season, online friendly matches and professional players must use) .

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FIFA 21 also introduces new crossing options, including “Whipped Cross” (left and right shoulder buttons and cross buttons), which move faster and aim at the head; move faster and aim at the waist “Driven Cross” (right shoulder Button and cross button); and “ground-driven cross” (two taps of the right shoulder button and cross button), move faster and aim at the foot.

FIFA 21 will also have a new “competitor mode”, which contains AI learned from the best FIFA professional players. It sounds like machine learning.

Finally, players can use the “Game Rewind” on FIFA 21 to rewind missed opportunities. This feature is limited to launch-offline solo or couch multiplayer games-naturally it will not be available online.

FIFA 21 will be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 9. The Early Access version will use EA/Origin Access from October 1st, and the FIFA 21 “Champions” and “Ultimate” versions from October 6th.