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Devices for mobile phones have been around for a while, but with the mass adoption of high-end phones, technology is also evolving, and we have seen incredibly fast wireless chargers that are usually able to charge faster than many phones through cables Charge some phones.

In this article, we will introduce the most popular mobile phones that support wireless charging and how the wireless charging differs. Let’s take a look at the technology behind wireless charging and the different solutions for each company.

Mobile phone manufacturers Huawei and Oppo currently provide the fastest wireless charging for their phones. Both companies support wireless chargers that provide 40W of power and that they can recharge compatible phones within an hour.

The fastest wireless charging phone

iPhone wireless charging instructions

Apple introduces wireless charging on mobile phones iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus with iPhone 8 As early as the end of 2017, like most things Apple did, once it started supporting wireless charging, it brought it to all mobile phones released thereafter.

Initially, wireless charging was only possible at a slow of 5W, but with the release of iOS 13.1 in September 2019, Apple unlocked a 7.5W charging speed for all its models. This is much slower than most phones on this list, but some may think that it is less damaging to the battery, because at this rate, the phone will not heat up too much when charging, and theoretically Can keep the health of the battery for a long time.

Recommended iPhone charger:

Samsung Galaxy phone wireless charging instructions

Samsung is another company that has long supported wireless charging, and the Galaxy S6 series since 2015 is the first Samsung flagship store equipped with wireless charging coils.

This technology has evolved over time, and recent Samsung phones support wireless charging speeds of up to 15W through compatible chargers.

Recommended Samsung mobile phone charger:

Google Pixel Phone wireless charging instructions

The Google Pixel series adds wireless charging support through the following features: Pixel 3 Series, this feature is also available on the Pixel 4 series.

To use a charging of up to 10W, you need to spend $80 for Google Pixel Stand. At this price, it is currently one of the most expensive charging solutions, but it does come with a detachable cable and 18W wall adapter.

Interestingly, if you use a Pixel phone with a third-party charger, you will not be able to get a fast wireless charging of 10W, and the phone will charge at a lower rate.

Recommended Google Pixel phone charger:

LG mobile phone wireless charging instructions

LG was one of the first companies to include wireless charging on its smartphones and has been using the LG G2 for charging since 2013 (yes, that was a long time ago!).

Recently, the flagship phones in the LG G series and LG V series support wireless charging through the Qi standard.

Recommended chargers for LG phones:

OnePlus wireless charging instructions

For a long time, OnePlus did not include wireless charging on its phones, but this has changed with the introduction of this feature. One plus 8 Dear

Wireless charging is a great success on OnePlus 8 Pro: it uses a proprietary wireless charger to charge the phone with 30W of power, much faster than most other phones on the market. It can be fully charged in about an hour and a half, and the 30-minute charge can charge you nearly 50%.

You should also understand some interesting details:

If you charge your phone at night, the “bedtime” mode is enabled by default, and when turned on, the charging rate will drop to 10 watts. Slower speeds may protect the battery’s long-term health
OnePlus wireless charger can charge mobile phone even in the thickness of 8mm
It has a fan, OnePlus warned: “It is normal to produce a slight noise during use”

Although we appreciate the speed, this charger is used on OnePlus phones. It does support the Qi wireless standard, but it only runs at 5W, which is much slower than most other chargers on the market. Another disadvantage of this charger is that it comes with a non-removable cable, so you need to always carry your own charging brick with you.

Recommended OnePlus mobile phone charger:

Huawei wireless charging instructions

Huawei has been equipping its latest mobile phones with wireless charging, and at some point has become an industry leader in charging speed. Recently, Huawei has manufactured a 40W wireless charger that can provide ultra-fast wireless charging for its P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus.

Recommended wireless chargers for Huawei mobile phones:

Xiaomi wireless charging instructions

Xiaomi has produced a 30W fast wireless charger, making it one of the fastest wireless chargers currently available.

At the time of writing, this charger is compatible with the flagship product Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi also mentioned that it is testing 40W wireless charging technology.

Recommended wireless charger for Xiaomi mobile phone:

Xiaomi 30W wireless charger

Oppo wireless charging instructions

Oppo Reno Ace is the first mobile phone that supports 65W charger, and also has an impressive fast wireless charging function.

The magic thing is the 40W AirVOOC wireless charger placed horizontally, so the phone must be placed horizontally to recharge. The wireless charger is equipped with a fan, which can be cooled through hidden side vents, which can reduce the temperature to below 39°C when charging the phone.

Oppo said the charger will fully charge Reno Ace in less than an hour. It is also compatible with Qi, and when used with other phones compatible with Qi, it can provide up to 10W of power.

At the time of writing, no Realme phone supports wireless charging.

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