The “Supreme Court” responsible for deciding to or delete sensitive and harmful content is already in operation, and a panel of experts with a backlog of approximately 20,000 cases is backlogging.

This independent group, formally known as the Facebook , is considering cases involving Nazi propaganda, hate speech, nudity, pandemic misinformation, and dangerous individuals or organizations.

The committee was formed at the urging of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and has the power to veto him and other senior managers. The committee stated that it is giving priority to handling cases that may “affect many around the world, and these cases are critical to public speech or actions regarding important issues related to Facebook’s policy.”

Facebook has agreed to be bound by the appeal decision, but the ruling is only applicable to disputed cases and will not set a precedent.

However, Julie Owono, a board member and executive director of Internet Sans Frontieres, a Paris-based digital rights organization, said that she hopes the board can help establish “jurisprudence” that can set a wider range of content decisions. Standards.

Emotion is better than truth?
The board has avoided complaints directly related to misleading or unsubstantiated claims made by US President Donald Trump or other high-profile figures who commented on the election.

However, it is considering an appeal against a decision that abolished a post, praising the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels for declaring it necessary to appeal to emotion and intuition, rather than being rational and interested in truth.

The appeal summary said: “The stated in the appeal to the supervisory committee that the offer is important because the user believes that the current U.S. presidency follows the fascist model.”

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Another appeal under consideration involves the deletion of a screenshot of a tweet by the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (Mahathir Mohamad), which stated that “Muslims have the right to be angry about past massacres and kill millions of French” .

The board of directors believes that those who filed the appeal believed that this was to raise awareness of their “horrible words”.

Focus on breast cancer
According to a blog post, six of the more than 20,000 appeals submitted to the board of directors in October were selected for consideration, one of which was filed by a leading social network and the remaining five were filed by users.

The appeal from Brazil questioned the decision to delete Instagram photos of breasts showing cancer symptoms because they also exposed more nudity than Facebook regulations allow.

The appeal said that Instagram photos were shared as part of the “Pink October” breast cancer prevention campaign.

The group also agreed to review positions in a group that claimed the unproven combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin can cure COVID-19.

The board of directors believes that each appeal case is assigned to a five-member team that includes at least one member from the content-related area.

Facebook is expected to make a decision and take action within 90 days.

The board of directors is conducting public comment on the case to take advantage of the expertise of individuals or organizations on related topics.

The group’s idea was originally proposed by Zuckerberg in 2018. It is an independent agency that can overturn the company’s decisions on which positions continue to grow and which positions drop.

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Members come from various countries, including jurists, human rights activists, journalists, Nobel Peace Prize winners and former Danish Prime Ministers.

Facebook, which has established an independent board to run the board, said it has been developing a software that allows members to review cases from anywhere in the world.

Critics of social networks are skeptical about whether the supervisory committee and Facebook will comply with content decisions that may restrict use and thereby limit advertising revenue.

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