Recently, we encountered some major 14 vulnerabilities, such as Short film System for testing applications Redesigned multitasking interface, And new applications for scanning Custom Apple QR code Just to name a few. It seems that these details are derived from the iOS 14 version, which has been patrolling the security and jailbreak community since .

Follow vice reportThe of the leaked version is December 2019, and it has been widely spread in hacking and security research since then. The source said iPhone 11 In China, vendors bought an operating system running an version of iOS 14, then extracted the internal version from it, and eventually delivered it to many people.

Security experts checked the internal version code leaked by iOS 14 and claimed that it provided a lot of information the unreleased version. apple software. It is worth noting that this version has been traded on Twitter and has been distributed in the jailbreak community. But this is a very early version, which means that there may be many changes when the final version is released in September.

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