The CDC will establish a coronavirus "surveillance and data collection system" as part of the Senate's $ 2 trillion stimulus plan

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Vice President Mike Pence

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will launch a new "surveillance and data system" to track the spread of coronavirus in the United States.
  • The agency will receive $ 1.5 in emergency funding as part of a bipartisan stimulus approved by the on Wednesday. Of this amount, $ 500 million will be used to modernize public health data surveillance and analysis infrastructure.
  • For the agency, tracking the spread of the virus will be a balancing act, and as the agency expands its surveillance, the agency will have to browse privacy laws.
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Senate Just passed the bill This will inject $ 1.5 billion in emergency funding into the CDC to fight the coronavirus, a large portion of which will be used to create a new system to collect data on how the virus is transmitted.

The new funding for the CDC is part of an emergency stimulus plan approved by the Senate on Wednesday, Provide $ 2 trillion in funding Improve government health plans and stabilize the US economy during the coronavirus crisis.

Bill Put on hold $ 500 million is used to modernize public health data surveillance and analysis infrastructure, and the CDC must on the development of the "surveillance and data collection system" within the next 30 days. Although it is not clear what form the surveillance system will take, the federal government has already Reportedly interested Aggregates data that can be collected from technology platforms and smartphones to monitor mobile patterns.

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Other countries have turned to high-tech surveillance systems to curb the spread of the coronavirus. China launched Mandatory smartphone app Citizens are asked questions about their exposure to people who have shown symptoms, and certain users are automatically ordered to isolate themselves. Singapore has released Similar applications The software uses Bluetooth technology to detect how close people are to people who have been exposed to the corona virus, and warns them to be checked if they are in close contact.

If launched in the U.S., smartphone apps used to track people's health must adhere to guidelines such as HIPAAThis prevents people's health information from being shared between hospitals, governments and third parties.

More broadly, the CDC surveillance system could be designed to help the United States expedite testing of the population most at risk for COVID-19. United States Lagged behind most other developed countries In a coronavirus test.

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