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When I grew up, one of my mom's biggest troubles was sorting out a grocery store list, doing a week of shopping, going home all the way, and forgetting something. Trying to keep everyone focused and adding what they want to the shopping list is almost impossible. The text said, "Can you buy shampoo?" When you arrive at the store on Tuesday, Tuesday time will be forgotten.

To save time, save fuel and stay sane, a grocery list that everyone in the house can work with is option.

Check out these shared shopping lists, which will ensure that you only go to the grocery store once and everyone will be happy when you get home.

Coates Family Organizer

Among other features, Coates Family Organizer (Download IOS Either Android system) Great for making shopping lists. Free app makes it easy for everyone in your home to view and add to Grocery list Via PC or phone.

You can access the list from anywhere and see any new items you have added. Organizing your Cozi list can make your shopping journey as efficient as possible. Items are organized under headings such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables. You can create a master list or a different list for each store you want to visit.

If you plan a meal for the week, you can add recipes to Cozi and the app will add the ingredients to your list.

Cozi supports up to 12 family members. Create an account, download the app with your family, and add the names of people who can access the account.

Cozi application

Cozi / Screenshot, Shelby Brown / CNET

Our grocery store

of Our grocery store Application (download IOS Either Android system) Sync your family ’s shopping list across multiple devices so everyone can stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

The app works with smart devices such as Amazon Echo, So if you have any ideas, you do n’t need to hold your device. You can also work with your store Android Wear Look.

Add favorite recipes to the app to make shopping easier. These ingredients can be transferred to your shopping list.

OurGroceries has a free version, but the premium version unlocks some additional features. After purchasing the application, you can add photos to your merchandise to get what you want. Premium also includes barcode scanning capabilities.

Our groceries

Shelby Brown / CNET's OurGroceries / Screenshots

Easy list

Not only can you share your grocery list (and any other list you can think of) with your family, you can also share it with Easy list (Download IOS Either Android system), And you can also share coupons between mobile devices. The application makes it easy for you to exchange between an active grocery list or a pantry.

Use a barcode scanner to quickly add items, and you will receive alerts when other users on this account purchase groceries or list items. Easy lists also let you know when you run out.

You can use metrics, quantities, prices, and other notes to further detail your listing to ensure your recipes are organized and your budget is limited.

Easy list

List / screenshots by Shelby Brown / CNET

Run out of milk

of Run out of milk Application (download IOS Either Android system), You can easily share your grocery list with family or roommates, so everyone is on the same page. If someone adds a new item, the list can be synchronized.

The application runs on multiple devices and platforms and interacts with Google And Alexa voice assistant. It's easy to track your favorite items with "Add from History" and add new items with a barcode scanner.

The shopping cart feature helps you keep track of the items you have purchased and those that still need to be picked up, reducing the chance of forgetting them.

To make sure your house runs as efficiently as possible, Out of Milk also provides some tips in a blog post that relate to the necessary household items, checklist ideas, kitchen management and more. You can even customize the list to make it look like you want.

Run out of milk

Out of screenshot by Mike / Shelby Brown / CNET


If you shop at the grocery chain Kroger (the largest grocery store in the United States), the company ’s mobile app ( IOS Either Android system) Can be helpful when creating your shopping list. My husband and I use Kroger's app every week, which removes some of the stress from shopping. Whether you use the grocery pick-up service in the store, or get inside, the app can help you streamline your travel.

If you buy the same items every week, the app can create a collection for you, making it easier to add to a list or shopping cart. When searching for items, you can browse weekly ads, coupons and discounts to use with Kroger cards.

We share login information and only refresh the shopping list after adding an item. If you want to pick up, you can easily add a shopping list to your cart. If you like shopping inside, the Kroger app helps you navigate the more efficiently.


Screenshot by Kroger / Shelby Brown / CNET


In addition to making grocery shopping easier, Mealime (download as IOS Either Android system) Helps make your shopping list healthier.

The app helps you plan meals with over 200 personalized options, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, allergy restrictions, the number of people you want to feed and how many meals you need.

After creating a meal plan, the ingredients you need are automatically transferred to your shopping list. You can even get out of the store faster because Mealime includes a step-by-step shopping list optimization with a standard store layout.

The application is available in free and premium versions. Mealime doesn't look like it has built-in list collaboration, but family members can share login information to sync shopping lists.


Screenshot by Mealime / Shelby Brown / CNET

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