In the battle for console supremacy, the quality of games available to download and play can often sway a new consumer.

Microsoft recently updated Xbox Game Pass and added nine new titles, Yakuza Remastered, to attract gamers to its Series S/X console, as well as the Xbox One. Whether a last-generation console owner or a proud gamer rocking the latest tech, there is something on the Game Pass for you.

The same can be said for PlayStation Plus, which is Sony’s monthly subscription service that brings with it titles every month. There have been some huge titles on there in recent months, including Just Cause 4, and the recent Tomb Raider games. Rise of Tomb Raider dropped on there in July, whilst of the Tomb Raider featured throughout January.

Tomb Raider used to be the jewel in Sony’s crown, featuring as a PlayStation-only exclusive in the first few years of release. Lara Croft is one of the most recognisable characters in gaming, with Foxy Games stating how she first surfaced in 1994 on the original PlayStation, before defining positive female protagonists for a generation of gamers. Grabbing the final instalment of her saga is a must, but only if you are quick of course. RPG Greedfall also featured on the January list, described by Venture Beat as a novel game with grand ambitions. That is a strong offering for the start of 2021 and each month, the same quality drops for all PlayStation Plus members, of charge.

Whilst the roster of free games changes each month, Sony has now announced they have a 20-strong list of PlayStation 4 games that are compatible on PlayStation 5. That is a huge boost for PlayStation 5 owners, who may find the limited selection of current titles frustrating in the early months of ownership. Being able to pick up last-gen games, some with improved loading times and graphical performance is a unique selling point for Sony. Not only that, but the list of games includes some cracking titles that were great the first time around, but could be even better on the new technology.

Here are our personal highlights from the PS Plus list announced at the beginning of January.

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Days Gone

Days Gone is a relatively new game, having released in April 2019. Despite a muddled start, gamers who persevered through those early hours will have discovered not just a zombie motorcycle mash-up, but a rich and engrossing storyline that drew you in and refused to let go. Deacon St John and his biker gang buddy Boozer are not typical protagonists, but they are likeable and endearing. Of course, a story is only worth playing if the mechanics are good, and Days Gone is a winner in that department, combining stealth and survival with some awesome hoard battles. Those hoard battles are likely to be boosted by the new technology too, making this a must-play if you missed it the first time around.

Fallout 4

Bethesda often comes under fire for their games, which promise much and draw huge fans, despite having performance issues. Fallout 3 was a big hit on the PlayStation 3, and the fourth in the series is well worth revisiting. The wasteland is atmospheric and engrossing to explore, and the NPCs are well developed and interesting to interact with. Doubtless, increased graphical performance can only make the game better, making this a viable alternative to the maligned multiplayer experience of Fallout 76.

The Last of Us: Remastered

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, The Last of Us might seem an odd choice for PlayStation 5 gamers, but if you have not picked this up at some point in the past, more fool you. The story of Joel and Ellie is a fine example of how a game should develop characters and storylines, and a playthrough feels like a cinematic experience as much as a gaming one. It is touching, heartbreaking and emotional all at the same time. That aside, it is also a fine game, where stealth and combat balances perfectly as the pair make their way across post-apocalyptic America.