Purchasing and renting movies or TV shows within a video streaming app seems like a logical thing, but it is often not possible on Apple devices as the company insists on slashing all in-app purchases by 30%. But starting today, the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS and Apple TV now has in-app content storage.

Apple has agreed not to assume 30% of its revenue

Thanks to a new agreement between Amazon and Apple, the latter agreed to abandon its usual 30% revenue and allow Amazon to provide content in its Prime Video without having to worry about additional costs.
In any other case, this will violate the App Store guidelines, especially the terms 3.1.3. But in the statement 9 to 5 Mac, Apple revealed that this is actually the entire content of the "premium subscription video entertainment provider's established plan", which also includes Canal + and Altice One.

To make buying or renting as easy as possible, Amazon has added a complete Store tag in the Prime Video app, which you use to browse or search for the latest titles. Once you find the title, all you have to do is choose to buy or rent and continue to make payments.

Those who already have a pre-existing payment method tied to your Amazon Prime Video use this method to make purchases. Otherwise, the Apple In-App Purchase process will be triggered.

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