The 2021 Amazon Prime Membership Day promotion in India will start on July 26. The two-day promotion will be open to Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon’s promotions promise hundreds of on mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and other electronic products and accessories. Amazon partnered with HDFC Bank to provide instant discounts of 10% for the bank’s credit and debit card users. We have prepared this simple guide to help you understand Amazon’s largest Prime exclusive sale this year. Prime Day sales include regular discounts and limited-time lightning deals.

2021 Amazon Prime Day Promotion: When will India start?

The Amazon Prime member day promotion was originally a one-day shopping festival for the company’s Prime members. Over the years, Amazon has expanded Prime Membership Day into a large 48-hour global sales event. In India, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the sale of Prime Membership Day in 2021 has been postponed early. This year’s Amazon Prime Membership Day sale will start at 12 noon (midnight) on July 26 and will last until July 27.

2021 Amazon Prime Day Promotion: How long will it last this year?

The 2021 Amazon Prime Membership Day promotion in India lasts for two days. The 48-hour promotion promises exciting offers in a wide range of products and categories. Although the promotion will last for two days, you are more likely to find a better deal on the first day of the promotion.

2021 Amazon Prime Day Promotion: How to find the best price?

Amazon’s 2021 Prime Membership Day promotion will bring a large number of and bundled discounts, for Prime subscribers. Just like last year, we will go through all these deals in order to bring you the best deals and offers during the Prime Day promotion. We have also prepared some simple tips to help you find the best deal for you in this year’s Prime Day Promotion.

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1. Plan early and add products to your wish list before selling
Although the promotion started on Monday, Amazon has already begun to advertise some upcoming deals and offers. Amazon has not revealed the exact transaction price, but you can get a good idea of ​​the items purchased at discounted prices during the sale period.

If you have already decided what to buy on Prime Day, the best first step is to add it to your wishlist or shopping cart. In this way, if these products perform a spike, you may be able to check out early or even receive a notification.

2. Arrive early and grab the best price before the stock is out
As we mentioned before, the best deals tend to run out very quickly. If you want to get the best price, make sure to arrive as early as possible when the 2021 Prime Day promotion starts. This may mean checkout in the sale at midnight or early morning. Spike is a limited time offer, including small-volume products, and is offered at a good discount. These tend to run out quickly during the Prime Day promotion.

3. Compare prices before buying
When purchasing products during the 2021 Prime Day promotion on Amazon, make sure to always compare prices to ensure that you get the lowest effective price. Flipkart, Amazon’s biggest competitor, is also promoting during the 2021 Prime Member Day promotion. Your comparison should also consider the available bundled offers.

You can also try to compare prices on other platforms by simply performing a Google search or other price comparison engines to see if there is a better deal. Some price comparison sites will also tell you the historical pricing of the selected product, which can help you determine whether you have received a discount.

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4. Take advantage of bundled offers
In addition to the discounts, the 2021 Amazon Prime member day promotion will also provide a number of bundled offers. These include exchange for specific products, payment discounts, and free EMI payment options. Some products often include coupons on specific product pages, allowing you to quickly get a 5% or 10% discount at checkout. These bundled offers can help lower the overall effective price to ensure you get better deals.

5. Sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription
This is very basic, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to make purchases during the Prime Day promotion next week. Compared to other countries/regions, India’s Prime subscription is quite cheap, and you will end up with a lot of value. Some mobile phone service providers also offer Prime membership for select plans. Amazon Prime membership fee is Rs. 999 and rupees per year. India 129 times a month.

Continue to use TechnologyShout because we will bring you the best offers sold in India on Amazon Prime Day 2021 when we go live next week.