An unopened copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros.), purchased in 1986, was forgotten in the desk drawer for the past three decades and sold for $660,000 (approximately 48 million) at auction. Rs.). The Heritage Heritage auction house in Dallas said the video game was sold on Friday.

The auction house stated that the video game was purchased as a Christmas gift, it was eventually placed in a drawer where it was kept plastic sealed and the hanging tag was intact. It was not discovered until the beginning of this year.

Heritage’s video game Valarie McLeckie said: “Because the production window for this copy and other similar copies is very short, another copy from the same work under the same conditions is like looking for a drop of water in the ocean.” Expert.

Heritage said this is the best replica professionally graded by the auction house. Its selling price far the price of 114,000 US dollars (about 8. million rupees), and another unopened copy sold at the Heritage auction last summer was produced in 1987.

McLiki said: “As soon as this copy of Super Mario Bros. arrived, we knew that the market would cause a sensation like us.” “Even so, the popularity of this game outside the market is extraordinary. , And the aspects of this deal must have exceeded our expectations. Nevertheless, I don’t think we should be too shocked; who wouldn’t love Mario?”

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