An anonymous buyer has US$2 million (approximately Rs 1.484 crore) for the unopened “Super Mario Bros.”, which was popular at the turn of the century and still has a loyal following. The astonishing price of the original Nintendo console in 1985 broke the record set a month ago, when a sealed copy of “Super Mario 64” was auctioned for US$1.56 million (approximately Rs 1.158 crore). According to data from the collectibles website Rally, the latest record is the highest price of any game.

In the past year, the record for the most expensive video game has been broken several times. Last July, a copy of “Super Mario” was sold at auction for US$114,000 (Rs 8.465 million). In November, another copy was auctioned for 156,000 US dollars (1.15 crore rupees). This record was broken at a price of US$660,000 (Rs 490 crore) in April this year.

In July of this year, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for US$870,000 (Rs 6.45 crore).

Although most of the high-priced games are auctioned, the sale of “Super Mario 1985” is carried out on a slightly different system. The Rally website purchases items and invites people to invest in shares of these items. Then, when there is an offer for the project, the investor can decide whether to hold or sell.

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The New York Times, which first reported the record sales price, stated that Rally bought the “Super Mario 1985” game for US$140,000 (1.03 crore) in April last year. It also reported that investors passed a US$300,000 (2.22 crore) offer later in 2020. A graduate student interviewed by the publication stated that he invested US$100 (Rs 7,423) in game stocks and made US$950 (Rs 70,518) from sales.

The Super Mario Bros. series of games was first released in 1985 and was developed by Nintendo.