ria May have started to appear in 2D my world When it was first released in 2011, it has gradually evolved into its own gaming style since then and has been ported to almost all possible platforms, including , 3DS and WiiU.

Over the years, all the hard work of Re-Logic and 505 Games seems to have paid off as the game now sells more than 30 on all platforms. Developers from Re-Logic even provided sales details, showing that the console version had been transferred 7.6 copies [unfortunately, it did not share separate console statistics]. This is the complete breakdown:

  • PC sales reach 14 million
  • 7.6 million on the host
  • 8.7 million sold on mobile devices

Over the years, all of us have been deeply disturbed by the sheer support and love you have shown us. We can only hope to return our favor by continuing to provide an excellent gaming experience [whether in or in the future games we create].

The next update is End of the Journey. Are you one of the 30 million who bought Terraria? Are you still playing regularly? Leave a comment below.

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