Next week, Bits will develop communications with Shira Ovide as On Tech. With the advent of the pandemic, the significant impact of on our homes, jobs, safety and self-awareness has become more apparent. What is the technical dependence on us and our community? Is it good or bad? Shira will guide you in this ever-changing world during and after the coronavirus crisis.

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We are already very dependent on technology. Now, even more so.

Hi, this is Cade Metz. I write about emerging technologies at the New York Times San Francisco branch. Like many of you, I from .

As my colleague Reporting by Mike Isaac and Sheera FrenkelIn countries where people stay home to a corona virus outbreak, the number of emails sent via Facebook and Instagram has increased by more than 50%. Voice calls through the Facebook app have more than doubled. In Italy, where strict isolation is practiced, the number of group telephones has climbed by more than 1,000%.

And these are just top statistics for a company.

With increasing reliance on us, the question is whether technology and the companies behind it can cope with more pressure. If they can, they may have a closer grasp of our lives.

Video conferencing applications, such as amplification Hangouts, not to mention old-fashioned , are rapidly replacing the face-to-face communication that many of us desire. Microsoft Said The number of people using its Teams app, a way for business colleagues to collaborate, has grown 37% in a week, to more than 44 million.

Not can be delivered over the as easily as a video source, but online retailers have become an increasingly important avenue for everything that cannot be done. Amazon is hiring More than 10,000 workers To cope with the huge of online shopping.

Nextdoor is a social networking application used to connect with neighbors, and it is helping people with prescription drugs and other items that cannot be accurately ordered through Amazon. As John Herrman, a technology media reporter for Time magazine,No physical contact is required.

In the long run, all companies using this technology may stand out from the pandemic and become a greater force in our lives. and so Times Tech Reporter Rushmore Hills said: Wakabayashi Daisuke, Jack Nicas, Steve Lorr and Mike Isaac.

But in the short term, these companies face their own problems.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tell the times The company "just tries to keep the lights on," as its more than 45,000 employees [who work from home themselves] are struggling to accommodate traffic growth. As my colleagues have said, downloads slow down and reduce video quality Cecilia Kang, Davey Alba and Adam Satariano Explanation.

According to Washington postWorkers in 10 Amazon warehouses have tested positive for coronavirus, and some facilities have been temporarily closed for cleaning. Other workers have been isolated.

Due to the pandemic, Google and Facebook could lose more than $ 44 billion in revenue this year, as companies around the world are reducing advertising. of course, As Todd Spangler of the variety show points outThe two technology giants will still make huge profits.

Although advertising costs are falling, interest in news about these services is Move quickly in the other direction. According to Internal company report obtained by The TimesThe past few weeks have brought "an unprecedented increase in the consumption of Facebook news articles."

Everyone wants to know what happened and what to do. Hopefully, news continues to come even as advertising costs continue to fall.

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