Technology Researcher Huawei Karnataka India JOBS Recruitment HR STAFF AGENCY Technology Shout

Job Role – Technology Planning Expert
Location: Bangalore

Technology Researcher - Huawei Karnataka, India JOBS Recruitment HR STAFF AGENCY - Technology Shout
Technology Researcher – Huawei , India JOBS Recruitment HR STAFF AGENCY – Technology Shout



Technology Researcher – Job requirements :

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Business line’s long term technology roadmap, Business plan, Strategic plan and key technology problems that require resolution in the next 2-3 years. University & Industry research typically has focused on N+2 years and beyond to build product/solution competitiveness in the market.
  • Should possess deep knowledge in a given domain and have the capability to define & implement technology co-operation strategies with Universities and industry respective business lines.
  • Have a deep understanding of university and industry eco-system, analyze research papers, technology and collaborate with top professors/experts for technology co-operation including consultancy, projects, joint labs, etc
  • Build good collaboration channels with respective business line Technology co-operation & TMG (Technology Management Group) teams to enable smooth project set-up.
  • nable setting-up of successful joint innovation labs with top universities aligned with the business roadmap.
  • Enable successful results from Technology co-operation projects/other engagements leading to product innovation/key competitive advantage for products/solutions.
  • Technical competitor analysis, Ecosystem Study & Asset Building.
  • Participate in technology forums and continuously build network & connect. Engage standard bodies like IEEE, ACM, SNIA, Government bodies, etc and build a relationship with top professors and experts.
  • Prepare competitor analysis reports, industry technical insights and ecosystem reports.
    Work Experience & Domain Requirements
  • Exposure to one or more next-generation technologies including Intelligent Storage, Intelligent Data & Database, NLP, Computer Vision, Cloud, AI/ML, Cyber Security, etc
  • Work experience preferably in technical research departments driving technology roadmap, technology adoption, and innovation.
  • Masters or Ph.D. preferred.
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Seniority level = Mid-Senior level

Employment type = Full-time

Job role = engineering information Technology

Industries = Telecommunications, Information Technology and Services