TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition will be released in China on Friday, October 15. This smart glasses is equipped with a MicroLED display and contains a waveguide developed in-house by TCL. Thunderbird smart glasses look like ordinary sunglasses with a transparent color screen. TCL smart glasses have various smart functions, such as a built-in camera. Glasses can also present multiple screens at the same time. Smart glasses are said to be able to make phone calls, use augmented reality (AR) to provide navigation and take photos. The device is expected to be on par with the recently launched Xiaomi smart glasses and Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories.

The has announced the Pioneer Edition of Thunderbird smart glasses, but did not disclose the pricing and availability of the product. This wearable device is likely to be listed in China first before entering the global market.

TCL shared a video showing an overview of the specifications provided by the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition. The device has a MicroLED display with 4μm (micron) pixels.

According to the video, smart glasses can be used to set alarms, access smartphone data, watch videos, schedule and manage calendars, watch video messages, and manage smart home devices. Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition can also be used to control the door lock switch.

TCL’s new smart glasses will compete with the recently released Xiaomi smart glasses and Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

Xiaomi launched Xiaomi smart glasses last month with a range of functions, including navigation and real-time text translation. It weighs 51 grams and integrates MicroLED optical waveguide technology to display messages and notifications in front of users. Xiaomi smart glasses have built-in dual beamforming microphones and speakers, which can also be used to make calls. There is also a 5 megapixel camera.

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Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are priced at US$299 (approximately Rs 21,970). It can take photos and videos according to the wearer’s voice commands, and the photo can be connected to the Facebook platform wirelessly through the app. The wearable device placed the camera in front of the frame, but missed the augmented reality (AR) function.

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