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Another busy week is coming to an end, after all Pokémon sword and shield leak showNews More NES and SNES gameswith Review Bomb PrankIt's time to relax and enjoy some games on the weekend.

Members of the Nintendo Life team have shared our plans below, and we really hope you get involved with our polls and comments section. Please enjoy!

Gavin Lane, Contributing Writer

I picked it up Dragon Bow with Super chariot Recent sales and OTTTD, So assuming I can set aside some time, I want to dive into it. I will true What I like to do is sit in an excellent strategy game on my micro SD. It's only been a few hours Mario + rabbit, Break into the breach with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, And the latest DLC release for the latter reminded me that I was just starting from scratch. Too many great games.

Some people complain that Nintendo Express has not been released-I agree. I have enough energy to keep me busy in 2023.

Ollie Reynolds, Reviewer

I am still working FFinal Fantasy VII at this moment. It took much longer than I thought, and I just left Midgar. It turns out that the enhancements of the Switch version are very useful, and I really like this game!

I still spent hours here and there Animals step over new leaves. It sucks me back completely, but I'm trying not to be too hard so as not to run out of time New horizons emission!

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

I have a younger brother to visit this weekend-so you will know that we will spend all our time in Ol's home theater. I'm sure we will finish all the classic Switch products [can you call them like this?]- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odysseyand many more.

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It's also fun to play old NES and SNES games on the big screen, so you know we will have some Super Mario Racing with Super Mario World go with. I also connected GameCube and have been enjoying those ancient ones Protect the animals with Ranch story Games, we played together many times when we were kids. Finally, we will watch Detective Pikachu In 3D mode, because I recently discovered that my PS3 can play 3D movies … and my home theater projector is actually also 3D mode? It should be a stable time.

Ryan Craddock, Contributing Writer

In the past week or two, we really are back Overcooked 2 In our house. We played the game for the first time before most seasonal DLCs started pouring into the game, so we played another full collaborative game and look forward to levels.

This is really a great game-even if it does make me angry sometimes-it's ridiculous-and it makes me even more excited Move out, And also looks similar to Team17. I might eventually catch that too.

PJ O’Reilly, Reviewer

This weekend, I will have to transfer my Nintendo eShop account to a brand new [yellow] Switch Lite and teach myself how to transfer old savings so that my child can continue to carry out various adventures on his own machine , No longer to share my wonderful release day with my fingers-rich offspring.

I will also spend some time between several things I am currently reviewing Yuka Riley and the Impossible Lair I participated in a sale last week and now I really enjoy it. This is definitely a strong shout for Donkey Kong fans and general game demons. Good weekend friends!

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Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

This week is not one but two dungeons creepers, so I will spend between weekends Dark Blood Genesis with Snack World: Dungeon Crawl. But please don't get it wrong Damon X MACHINA with SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Continue is the thermal ink cartridge to be exchanged. Oh, what are we here? Track racing Are you out? Okay, don't mind me

My game of the week is an ancient summer onslaught of 2019 Fire Emblem: Three Houses… or should be "Courtyard"Now? That's some very big mice running in the dungeon of Garreg Mach …

Zion Grassl, producer

I'm going out to visit my family this weekend, so I'm not sure how many games I will play. For the past few weeks, my brother and I have been struggling to clean up the family's basement. , Full of relics from our childhood. We found a bunch of empty GBA boxes, a bunch of GameCube games [including Billy Hatcher], and even found my original GameCube, but unfortunately the disk drive was defective. * Hint for violin *.

Surprisingly, I am still working slowly Earth, But I feel the end! Maybe I will get off on Saturday night and end Giygas completely. I can then go back to something like Tokyo Mirage Conference #FE Encore with Snack world On the switch. I also plan to capture blue Sonic sound waves on a silver screen with high hopes! Therefore, we hope that Eggman will not crush them.

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to vote on your game choices in the next few days and leave a comment in the comments below.

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