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NSO vs PS Plus vs Games with Gold© Nintendo Life

It's been almost a year and a half since then Nintendo Switch Online is late On the Switch, Nintendo was increasing the value of the service at that time. A growing catalog of vintage classics NES and Super NES game library Is a clear highlight and has access to exclusive Tetris 99 -Arguably the crown jewel of the service-this is another great option to attract players to join. More importantly, cloud storage support provides some security when you bring out the Switch. Unfortunately, it was not included when it was released as a standard, but it is here now, and we are very grateful.

Nintendo President Shutaro Furukawa said the company intends to continue adding "More features and fun"For this service, although occasionally new NES and SNES titles [which have appeared every month in the past] have not been many so far. Free [temporary] access to independent albums Dead cells They did it quickly Fire Emblem Warrior In January.

We're already Said before, several timesOn the downsides of Nintendo's solutions. One might argue that comparing NSO to online gaming subscriptions on other consoles would compare Apple to Orange, but a similar would be Nintendo's eyes on Sony and Microsoft, which are playing on Xbox Live Gold shines. As companies experiment, comparing the three services offered by platform owners becomes more interesting and relevant than ever.

We have summarized some comparison points in the table below to highlight the value of the games each service offers in 2019. Obviously, each platform has its own quirks and limitations, but the similarities are amazing and the value proposition deserves attention. All prices are in pounds and are based on the retail prices [non-sale] of the companies in the UK as of February 2020. For the NES / SNES title, we used the current price of the Wii U version [£ 3.49 for NES games and £ 5.49 for SNES]:

Nintendo Switch PlayStation Plus Xbox Live Gold
Price [Annual Subscription] £ 17.99 [£ 1.50 / month] £ 49.99 [£ 4.17 / month] £ 49.99 [£ 4.17 / month]
Game value if purchased separately £ 338.23 £ 762.68 £ 834.64
Number of accessible games [2019 only] 74 [NES, SNES] 32 [PS4, PS3, PS VITA] 48 [XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, XBOX]
main feature
  • game
  • Cloud storage [using supported software]
  • Access to selected NES & SNES libraries and Tetris 99
  • Exclusive add-ons [Smash Spirits, etc.]
  • Exclusive discount [Nintendo Switch game voucher]
  • game
  • Save the cloud ["100 GB storage"]
  • Access monthly PS Plus games
  • Exclusive plugins, themes and avatars
  • Exclusive discount
  • game
  • Gold game monthly
  • Exclusive discounts [traded with gold]

Note: As long as you have a free Xbox Live account, cloud storage is standard on the Xbox One. Total Xbox cost includes £ 19.99 Not currently available Forza Motorsport 6. In addition, the physical version of Tetris 99 comes with all DLC [available separately for £ 8.99], and a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

As you can see, the main features of each service are roughly comparable. In pure numbers, Nintendo will offer 74 games by the end of 2019 that outperform other games. Another point is that NES and SNES games will not disappear. Subscribe now and you have immediate access to the product, while other services require monthly “free” game redemption. Forgotten, they will not be available next month.

On the surface, Nintendo Switch Online offers great value for money, considering that you can get the number of games at a lower annual fee. But there is many These issues cast a shadow over the issues and show a significant gap between Nintendo's claims and others.

The evergreen nature of Nintendo games leaves the company with little incentive to put it into subscription services as a subscription reward.

First, PS + and Xbox Live Gold subscribers who have been using the service for many years will have a larger library than in 2019. Second, these services offer games from more modern consoles-from the original Xbox to modern distributions-although Nintendo hasn't yet surpassed the 16-bit era. The second point is worth considering. Although there is a saying that if there is a lot of padding on the NES list, it will be ridiculed if it magically appears in Gold or PS + games [Brawl brothers,anyone there? ], Such as the status and quality of the game Super Mario World with The Legend of Zelda: Links to the Past undoubtedly. Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch Online game list still includes games we have played and purchased a lot of Previous time.

In contrast, PlayStation and Xbox library features new Games; games we wanted to play but missed; if not for their inclusiveness, we might never run into these games; a mix of AAA first-party and third-party titles, well-known independent developers and older treasure . Highlights of gold medal games in 2019 include standalone babies, such as Inside with Celeste [Rare Nintendo Life], The first party firm Forza Motorsport 6 with Gears of War 4As well as past classics, including Castlevania: Symphony of the Night And valves Web portals.

Although PS + has a relatively small number of games, their distributions are impressive, such as Batman: Arkham Knight with Our last master Rub shoulders with frontier, Eliminate Omega Series, Detroit: Becoming Human And some smaller games, such as Sonic Fever, Portal knight, Overcooked, Ruins of Edith Finch with Horizon Chase Turbo. Last March, PlayStation Plus subscribers received Call of Duty: Modern War Repair with witness. To be fair, Sony needs several winners to distract because PS Vita and PS3 games will no longer be part of the service after February 2019, but this is a big distraction, isn't it? The quality offered varies from month to month, but you can use the latest great games [as opposed to great old Games are already on our shelves] It really makes Sony and Microsoft's value proposition very attractive. we like Starcraft with Double bee As many as the next site-maybe more-but they can't compete with it.

Is Tetris 99 worth £ 18 a year alone? Maybe...
Is Tetris 99 worth £ 18 a year alone? Maybe…

So, can Nintendo do something similar? It certainly has the ideal software, although at Nintendo's headquarters there can also be a unique problem: sales of first-party Switch games at the age of 2 and 3 are still very good. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Breath of the Wild, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe -All Switch titles less than a year after launch-All Still selling like hot cakes. The evergreen nature of Nintendo's games leaves the company with little incentive to put it into subscription services as a subscription reward.

Maybe third parties and independent developers are an option. As the frequent sales of games on have dropped to just a few cents, there must be any number of developers willing to seize the opportunity of such a plan. There may still be a gap between the AAA products on Xbox and PlayStation and everything Nintendo can get inspired from willing third parties. The historical fact is that come to watch Nintendo games on the Nintendo platform, so the possibility of achieving true parity with competitors' services seems more than ever.

As more competitive services become available, … Nintendo Switch Online must grow in 2020

In the end, as a Nintendo fan, it's easy to see Switch Online, the price and getting more or less satisfaction, but the service has many flaws. Not all software supports cloud save, Such as Pokémon sword and shield And coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Annoying is not backing up to the cloud. In other places Abundant Our favorite games are still missing from the NES and SNES lineups, let alone the N64. Not to mention a voice chat app.

With more services offered by competitors, coupled with other services such as Microsoft's Game Pass that provide incredible value and challenge Nintendo's traditional business model, Nintendo Switch Online is imperative to achieve growth in 2020. This doesn't actually cost much. There are more exclusive products in Tetris 99 and some N64 games, and we will be happy. Maybe we can easily please. throw Super Mario Sunshine -GameCube game with 18 years of history-In service, we can be sure that we will not be the only person who loses his mind.

But what do you think? Below, you'll find some poll questions about Nintendo Switch Online-let us know what you think compared to the services offered on competitors' platforms.

If you answered "other" to any of the above, please elaborate in the comments below.

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