Now you can click photos on the Galaxy S20 using Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung ’s Camera Controller application allows users to remotely click photos on their mobile phones, take videos, and view photos using Samsung smart watches. But so far, the application has not yet... Read more »

Watch the Autoblog live stream here

The world is a crazy place, this is a crazy period. Everyone is looking for a good way to relax, even us. We broadcast live racing and driving games on Twitch, Youtube... Read more »

Spotify update finally adds Siri support to Apple Watch users

With new Spotify After the update, users can finally ask Siri to play Spotify music and control the application. This feature works on Apple Watch running watchOS 6. 9to5MacThe "bug fixes and... Read more »

Watch: Ken Block's "Tire Tests" and his sweet Mk2 Ford Escort

Now we all know Ken Block. Professional rally driver Became Hoonigan Known for his Gymkhana video, he wept in that heavily modified Ford car. His Gymkhana video attracted a lot of attention,... Read more »

Watch the Land Speed ​​Recorder "Race" F1 car, Bugatti Chiron

Hound LSR TeamThe person in charge has long been committed to using a jet-powered wheeled missile of the same name to surpass the 763 mph speed record, and released a very cool... Read more »

Apple Watch Series 5 and other Android and WearOS devices are on sale

Today's Amazon transaction starts with Apple Watch Series 5. These devices are eligible for a discount of $ 50, and you can get a 44mm version with GPS and Cellular connectivity in... Read more »

Interested in Ninjala like Splatoon? Watch this 10-minute animated movie

One of the stars Last week's Nintendo Direct Mini, Ninja It has been with us for some time. Nintendo fans have noticed the title with spray gun Series and developer president Kazuki... Read more »

Need to be distracted? Watch the amazing timelapse of baby horseshoe crab moulting

Ever wondered how a growing crab crab would wiggle out of a too small shell? A new time-lapse video lets you watch the fascinating process, just like a young crab crab moulting,... Read more »

Stay at home and watch TV? This is the most helpful streaming device

Company requires employees Work at home, Many children ’s schools have been cancelled across the country Sports events cancelled or delayed, coronavirus A pandemic means that people spend more time at home.... Read more »

Watch: Land speed recorder "racing" a Bugatti and an F1 car

Hound LSR TeamThe person in charge has long dedicated to surpassing the 763 mph speed record with the jet-powered wheeled missile of the same name, and released a very cool video showing... Read more »
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