Tesla takes workers on vacation and cuts wages during the corona virus shutdown

Tesla Reduce all unnecessary workers on vacation, reduce the wages of workers by 10%, reduce the wages of directors by 20%, and reduce the wages of vice presidents by 30%, with a... Read more »

According to reports, Mercedes AMG looks at the EQS EV fighting Tesla

Mercedes is shooting for Tesla EqualizerIt is basically the equivalent electronic product of S-class car. However, with higher performance Tesla Model S, EQS will need to provide an effective variant-this is where... Read more »

Tesla ventilator for COVID-19 patients made with auto parts

The latest news is not to be missed: as the COVID-19 case overwhelmed the hospital in the severely affected areas, these areas require more ventilators to help the more severely affected people... Read more »

Tesla showcases coronavirus ventilator made with auto parts

New York-Engineer Tesla Inc shows the prototype of the ventilator in a video released on Sunday night YouTube Channels, because coronavirus patients are overwhelmed in hospitals across the country and equipment is... Read more »

Tesla manual explains new "stop at traffic lights" feature

Recently filmed Substandard driving In Tesla Model 3 Show that the car will automatically stop traffic light At the crossroads. The software is expected to enable electric compact aircraft to recognize parking... Read more »

Tesla cuts contractors in California and Nevada plants

According to CNBC report, Tesla Hundreds of contractors are being laid off from its assembly plant in Fremont, California, and the huge Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada. "My most regrettable thing is that... Read more »

Tesla's next autonomous driving function? Traffic light recognition and response

If you go TeslaOn the website where you want to order a car today, you will find an upcoming new feature of the brand's fully autonomous driving function [in the future [but... Read more »

Tesla Model Y passed the invitation of dismantling experts

Sandy Munro, professional car dismantling and manufacturing consultant Famous criticism In his right Tesla Model 3 As early as 2018, the president of Munro & Associates previewed the new product Y type... Read more »

Tesla reports that despite the coronavirus complications, delivery in the first quarter hits a record high

Tesla On Thursday, the company announced that the first quarter's delivery volume reached a record 88,000 shares, and the stock price plunged again. Electric carTo make it Very few automakers have an... Read more »

In 2020 Tesla Model Y conducted Sandy Munro's panel clearance assessment

After his thorough Dismantling Tesla Model 3, Automotive engineering veteran Sandy Munro Come back to check the stability of the latest product launch electric vehicle manufacturer: 2020 Y type. Tesla Fans don't... Read more »
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