11% of "The Witcher 3" sales last year were used on Nintendo Switch

The most ambitious third-party game we have seen on Nintendo Switch so far is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-Complete Edition. CD Projekt Red and port expert Sabre Interactive released the entire game... Read more »

Rhythm Heaven Creator asked fans to support Switch version

next to WarioWare The game may be one of the strange but addictive series of games released by Nintendo over the years, Rhythm paradise. While original The title of Game Boy Advance... Read more »

Ty Tasmanian Tiger HD Review (Switch eShop)

The two biggest trends in the current game are that developers have used Kickstarter campaigns and studios to restore their classic nostalgic attributes. Tasmanian Tiger TY Of the following products All These... Read more »

Angry Street 4 switch release date, pricing and file size confirmed – and other new information

Update: Interestingly, publisher DotEmu commented on the Nintendo eShop list, saying it "cannot confirm" the release date. Considering that the release date shown below has now been seen in Switch stores worldwide,... Read more »

Angry Street 4 Switch release date, pricing and file size confirmed

It seems Angry Street 4With the listing information of Switch eShop, its release date has been disclosed before any official announcement. According to Nintendo ’s digital store, the game will launch on... Read more »

Where to buy Nintendo Switch's Ring Fit adventure-guide

Favorite fitness enthusiast Wii Fit The days back in time may be very happy The ring is suitable for adventure. The game is a new adventure game launched by Nintendo Switch, which... Read more »

HyperParasite Evaluation (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

In the past few years, we have seen many rogue games. Hyperparasite It is quite unique. In the typical cyberpunk urban landscape, an alien parasite invaded the earth and tried to immerse... Read more »

This Nintendo Switch Dock looks like a mini GameCube with four controller ports

Over the years, we have seen many third-party Nintendo Switch docks come and go, but if you are a Super Smash Bros fan. "Power-Bay" from the accessory manufacturer Brook from Taiwan works... Read more »

New Kickstarter RPG promises to use Switch Joy-Con's infrared camera

Saw the new launch today Kickstarter activity For Necromancer Sword, Is the dungeon grab action RPG that is hoped to be released on Switch. The game itself revolves around a mechanism that... Read more »

Retailer says Switch inventory shortage is pushing buyers to switch to PS4 and Xbox One

© Nintendo Life Nintendo Switch is currently in strong demand, but inventory is difficult to obtain, which causes buyers to switch to other options. Cover Recent announcement Nintendo believes that Switch ’s... Read more »
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