Samsung's Galaxy S10 + is sold at a huge discount on digital ho-builder-friendly products

You might be Now it is clear Samsung's latest ultra-high-end smartphone family Not exactly like sconesFor the world's number one mobile phone manufacturer, this is a delicate situation, which seems to be... Read more »

Now you can click photos on the Galaxy S20 using Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung ’s Camera Controller application allows users to remotely click photos on their mobile phones, take videos, and view photos using Samsung smart watches. But so far, the application has not yet... Read more »

Samsung once again tried to resolve the Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865 dispute

Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865 chips in different regions. In short, buyers are not satisfied with this. So much that the fans even started petition Convince Samsung... Read more »

Samsung's mobile division will manufacture its own foldable glass at a lower price

Samsung Currently relying on the internal Samsung Display Division to produce foldable glass panels. Galaxy Z flip, And there may be more upcoming devices. However, Samsung's mobile division is now seeking to... Read more »

Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has been released

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 was launched last year with Android 9 Pie. Now, it has released an Android 10 update for tablets. The new firmware comes with internal version number T865XXU2BTC7. In... Read more »

Samsung should have launched the Android 10 update for the Galaxy Tab S6, which surprised me

Although Samsung undoubtedly did Outstanding work to spread the love of Android 10 Span Its high end Or even Mid-range smartphone product portfolio In Recent monthsThe company is not in a hurry... Read more »

Samsung releases first-quarter revenue report despite difficulties with COVID-19

According to Sam MobileAnalysts expect that the South Korean giant will announce its first quarter earnings report for 2020 next week. Reported earlierSamsung is one of many smartphone manufacturers whose sales have... Read more »

Samsung ’s Exynos team is “humiliated” by the decision to sell the Snapdragon Galaxy S20 in South Korea

One of the unique "features" of the Samsung Galaxy S series is that the system chips sold on these phones are different depending on the region. Generally, users in the United States... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy A21 leaks full 360 glory

When we think of a cheap mobile phone, we usually think of a Chinese name, but Samsung is very successful in its entry-level models of the A series. Galaxy A10 It is... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in the U.S. are now beginning to gain Galaxy S20 features

'S owner Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 devices Users living in the United States will receive software updates on their devices starting today. This update includes a UI 2.1, which includes... Read more »
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