Next year's models can use the OTA update feature not available on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Even if there are only 20 to 30 minutes, no one likes not to use a mobile phone. With this in mind, as early as 2016 when using Android 7 Nougat, Google... Read more »

Use this application provided by Samsung to navigate the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or Note 10+ with a virtual cursor

Samsung has been working hard to make it easier for people to use a larger screen on modern smartphones with one hand, while still making it comfortable. With the introduction of the... Read more »

You can now bundle Samsung's high-end Galaxy S20 + 5G with a free Galaxy A50 mid-range phone

It seems there are not many Great Galaxy S20 and S20 + deals From the equipment manufacturer itself andMany major U.S. third-party retailers with Carrier, Samsung seems to have carefully started another... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series suffers from high price, COVID-19

Pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic has suppressed the demand of all smartphones, no matter what the brand is, but the new Samsung Galaxy S20 According to the extensive survey conducted, the series performed particularly... Read more »

The first famous Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deal comes from a top eBay supplier

Compared with buying a new mobile phone, people ’s current thinking is much more important than now, not to mention luxury equipment with a price of $ 1,000 and above, which is... Read more »

Samsung's Galaxy S20 + 5G for Verizon is discounted at Best Buy

Given the tender age, high-quality design, ultra-high-level specifications and Good reviews for Samsung Galaxy S20 series devicesIt's a little surprising to see these bad boys Often discounted with So many different retailers... Read more »

Now you can click photos on the Galaxy S20 using Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung ’s Camera Controller application allows users to remotely click photos on their mobile phones, take videos, and view photos using Samsung smart watches. But so far, the application has not yet... Read more »

Samsung ’s Exynos team is “humiliated” by the decision to sell the Snapdragon Galaxy S20 in South Korea

One of the unique "features" of the Samsung Galaxy S series is that the system chips sold on these phones are different depending on the region. Generally, users in the United States... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in the U.S. are now beginning to gain Galaxy S20 features

'S owner Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 devices Users living in the United States will receive software updates on their devices starting today. This update includes a UI 2.1, which includes... Read more »

The update brings the photography features on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G to last year's flagship store

You did not upgrade to one of the new Samsung phones Galaxy S20 Phone, and you are still debating the decision internally. You do have Galaxy Note 10+, But you want to... Read more »
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