Microsoft releases images showing Surface Duo's single-screen and dual-screen layouts

Surface Duo has a pair of 5.6-inch displays, each with a resolution of 1350 x1800. When you open the two screens, they will create an 8.3-inch display with a hinge in the... Read more »

Microsoft patent shows dual-screen device with a screen on its hinge

Foldable devices are currently a young, expensive and fairly niche market, but they are already full of enthusiasm. Unless augmented reality (AR) becomes the next big issue and makes traditional form factors... Read more »

Android users can now use face unlock on Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has added support for face unlocking in the OneDrive Android app. Recall that OneDrive added the fingerprint unlock function in 2018 and now also adds face unlock support. The user can... Read more »

Face unlock support enters Microsoft OneDrive for Android

Unless you have identical twins (which is rare), your face is unique. Facial biometrics has proven to be safe and easy to use, and now Microsoft has added this option to its... Read more »

Live stream a wonderful JRPG adventure during a Kemco Publisher promotion on the Microsoft Store

Role-playing games have always been the type of game accepted by core gamers, We assume that anyone can agree that for a good RPG, story-driven Experience is more valuable than overall graphics... Read more »

Microsoft's Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, "Lifetime Subscription"

James Martin / CNET There are almost any subscriptions these days. You can pay companies like Netflix, gourd, Disney, HBO, ESPN and Quibi for only $ 4.99 per month Access to a... Read more »

Google, Microsoft and Palantir build COVID-19 dashboard for NHS

Google, Palantir and Microsoft will create a COVID-19 dashboard for the UK medical system. These three companies will help the NHS in the UK collect and clean up data from many different... Read more »

Windows 10 warning: for Microsoft users, new errors won't come at a worse time

If you are one of the many people currently working from home, this can be a particularly tricky issue. The software affected by this error includes Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft... Read more »

Microsoft adjusts Xbox and Teams services during cloud demand surge of 775%

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft saw a significant increase in demand for its cloud services. Microsoft Azure explained: "In areas where social evacuation or place-to-order orders are enforced, our cloud services... Read more »

Microsoft Surface headphones drop $ 150

Microsoft's Surface headphones come in one color only. David Carnoy / CNET When I reviewed them at the end of 2018, I thought Microsoft Surface headphones Is a very good noise cancelling... Read more »
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