Key points of the talk: After the closure of CERO, we should bring a chain effect to the huge game industry

© Nintendo Life News today The Japanese video game rating organization CERO ["Computer Entertainment Rating Organization"] was temporarily closed in response to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the video... Read more »

NASCAR industry begins to produce protective equipment for medical personnel

2020 disruption Nazca Season due to COVID-19 pandemic For racers, fans, teams and the industry as a whole, it is understandable that it is disappointing and disturbing. However, in a period of... Read more »

Ford proposes to exchange cash for used cars to stimulate the auto industry

Ford It is expected that discussions with the US government on auto stimulus will be conducted to help the industry get back on track after the corona virus pandemic subsides. Bloomberg Mark... Read more »

From cars to ventilators: the automotive industry's contribution during the historic crisis

General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Tesla Motors have pledged to begin manufacturing and assembling much-needed fans to counter COVID-19. As during World War II, at least for the time being, few... Read more »

What the music industry must do to protect our own "high-risk" population

The following MBW blog is from Matthew Smith [pictured] Royalty deal -An online marketplace that enables investors to purchase income streams related to music rights. Royalty Exchange was originally founded in 2011... Read more »

Industry calls for extension of fiscal year due to coronavirus pandemic

Ranch Auditors and industry bodies have called for expansion fiscal year In the three months before 2019-20, until the end of June coronavirus (Coronavirus pandemic 2019. Ranch Industry representatives recently met with... Read more »

Corona virus turmoil hits hedge fund industry

Hedge fund giant Ray Dalio admitted earlier this year that he and his team Bridgewater federation "Fool" in terms of epidemics. The best thing they can do is go straight through coronavirusTriggered... Read more »

“ The daily income of the auto parts industry is about Rs 120 crore & # 39; & # 39;

Ranch The auto parts industry agency ACMA said on Friday that it had been blocked due to a coronavirus pandemic and would suffer about Rs 12 crore per day, and urged the... Read more »

Airbus is one of the most powerful companies in the aviation industry. Here is its rise from the upstart to the industry giant.

Airbus The Airbus Flyover Formation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Alliance. Airbus celebrates its 50th anniversary on May 29, 2019. In the fifty years since its establishment, Airbus has grown from... Read more »

The DeanBeat: Game industry grows with corona virus outbreak

Another week passed, the gaming industry Roll with a punch of coronavirus. It shows the adaptability of game companies and how to adapt to almost everything. However, based on our collective experience,... Read more »
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