Foreigners sell record Indian assets due to coronavirus

Foreign investors sold a record $ 16 billion in Indian stocks and bonds in March as economic turmoil caused by the corona virus prompted the withdrawal of emerging markets. The sell-off by... Read more »

Can RBI solve COVID-19? Tata Air's aviation business in distress; Indian companies turn to InvIT, REIT

Use BusinessToday to catch the hottest news from the business and economic sectors. Business today New Delhi Last updated: 30 March 2020 | 22:03 IST Is it easy for the Reserve Bank... Read more »

Global oil prices fall to 2002 lows; Indian gasoline and diesel prices remain unchanged

Ranch On Monday, international oil prices fell to a 17-year low, but Indian gasoline and diesel retail prices remained frozen as oil companies continued to offset increased government excise taxes. Ranch Brent... Read more »

The Indian economy can shrink by 2.6%. Nomura: U.S. will exceed 11% in worst case scenario by 2020

Ranch of coronavirus (Covid-19) A pandemic could hit the global economy, including India, severely in the coming months. Owns almost 75% Indian Economy In Blockade Under the model, Nomura Securities reduced its... Read more »

Indian High Commissioner explains no flights evacuated from the UK

Coronavirus: This comes as WhatsApp news and clarifications from the High Commission come as many Indians find themselves trapped in the country after imposing a travel ban in India Business today New... Read more »

Indian IT company unlikely to fire employees during corona virus lockup

Ranch Although due to coronavirus (Covid-19). Given the sensitivity of the issue, Indian information technology (IT) services companies are unlikely to take any significant layoffs. Ranch Although this approach is consistent with... Read more »

Worker outflows, logistical obstacles hurt business, Indian companies report to government

Ranch Within just four days of the 21-day national confinement period, large outflows of workers, traffic bottlenecks and harassment by local authorities are still hindering industrial production, Indian company Notify the government.... Read more »

How Coronavirus Affects Indian Restaurant and Dining Out Culture

By Anoothi ​​Vishal When we reach the other end, life will remain almost the same. Coronavirus disease pandemic 2019. Economists and social scientists are predicting lasting changes in the way we live,... Read more »

U.S. air carrier strands Indian citizen

The U.S. State Department says the U.S. government is arranging air transport because of more than 2,000 U.S. citizens stranded in India due to flight suspension and blockade of the country to... Read more »

Corona virus dispatch in India: Concerns about spread in Indian communities?

Ranch As India struggles to cope coronavirus (Covid-19) The pandemic. Here are selected articles from major Indian news publications on how citizens respond to the blockade, prolonged reading of Covid-19, views on... Read more »
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