VIZIO announced 30 new free TV channels on its SmartCast home screen

VIZIO announced 30 new free TV channels on its SmartCast home screen. It brings more news, entertainment, lifestyle, DIY, sports, comedy and music to millions of viewers in the United States. These... Read more »

Mobile games suggest players stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to reports BBC, Rebellion, Codemasters and Activision Blizzard will display a message encouraging players to stay at home to "save lives". Despite the family's social evacuation, many people have turned to... Read more »

New Google Maps feature will help you deliver food to your home

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently being hit hard in the United States, and many companies have closed down to limit the spread of the virus. Pharmacies and grocery stores are still open,... Read more »

This interference-cancelling headset works at home like a professional

If you seem to be working from home in the foreseeable future of a coronavirus outbreak, then you are not alone. But this does not mean that you must endure weeks of... Read more »

Peloton will be available on Android TV to help you exercise at home

Perhaps one of the most popular fitness apps now is Peloton. This one The app is available for Android, Amazon Fire and Apple devices, Which is a great way to take a... Read more »

As people stay at home, Twitch's viewing time increases by 23% every month

Between February and March, the viewing time of streaming service Twitch increased by up to 23% due to the global pandemic that made people linger. Engadget report. Judging from the situation of... Read more »

Is there a fever due to standby at home? These are 4 types of non-toxic car adventures | News

2020 BMW X1 Photography: Jennifer Geiger There is no manual for raising children, and even less guidance on raising children during the pandemic. As many nursing staff eventually discovered, you will... Read more »

Apple Store workers are required to work from home

According to reports, Apple Store employees are required to work from home Although the Apple employees responsible for 458 closed stores stayed at home, Bloomberg reports The company asked some of them... Read more »

World Health Organization: stay home and play games

In the case where every outing feels like a post-apocalyptic movie scene and every sneeze can be considered a biological weapon, many health organizations offer their advice. Although washing hands and wearing... Read more »

Why large taxpayers soon get calls from I-T officials who work from home

Ranch Although the deadline for tax and filing returns has been extended by three months, the IRS has required field agencies to contact large taxpayers by phone or email to follow up... Read more »
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