British government says 5G tower was burnt down due to corona virus conspiracy

It is only a matter of time before 5G conspiracy theorists link it to coronaviruses, but we are finally here. Many conspiracy theories are linked to the UK's 5G telecommunications mast, so... Read more »

Ensuring sufficient cash to meet cash needs after salary transfers: government to bank

Ranch use Salary Day is approaching, Finance Ministry of Health requires public sector Bank To ensure there is enough cash to meet the growing demand across the country. coronavirus outbreak. Ranch Bank... Read more »

Is the Reserve Bank of India's balance sheet strong enough to help the government fight the corona virus?

When governments around the world run out of funds to increase their spending, governments around the world often rush to the central bank. When the Indian government asked the Reserve Bank of... Read more »

Government requires car manufacturers to make fans

In view of the growing number of COVID-19 cases, the central government has asked automakers to use their equipment to produce fans to increase the capacity of such machines in the country.... Read more »

PPE shortage, government hospitals told to wait 25-30 days

HLL Lifecare, the government's central PPE procurement agency, told the hospital that orders have been delayed due to a shortage of raw materials needed to produce PPE Government hospitals requiring personal protective... Read more »

Government has no plan to extend coronavirus blockade for 21 days: government eliminates rumors

The government said on Monday it has no plans to extend 21 days Blockade The introduction starts at midnight on Tuesday. of Information Service The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (PIB) tweeted... Read more »

Covid-19: Government allows transportation of all essential items

Ranch The federal interior ministry allowed all necessities and non-essentials to be transported in the country on Sunday, and allowed the use of the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) to provide housing-19... Read more »

Coronavirus: UK government cracks down on fake news

Picture copyright Getty Images The government is cracking down on misinformation about a coronavirus pandemic. A quick response group within the cabinet office is working with social media companies to eliminate fake... Read more »

False positives from private covid test labs leave government labs in trouble

Mumbai: People who have visited the private laboratory Coronavirus disease The ET was informed that results may be delayed due to concerns that false positive results in some laboratories will result in... Read more »

How the government uses location data to track COVID-19

According to the Wall Street JournalIn the fight against COVID-19, the U.S. government used the same location data generated by mobile phones and used by advertisers to send you ads. The Centers... Read more »
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