The new 5G Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available later this year

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was delivered a few months ago and has been doing Big sales. Now, we believe that this new form factor has made the device possible More attractive... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may get 5G version

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung may have a 5G version Galaxy Z flip It is planned to be released later this year.Galaxy Z Flip Achieved great success For Samsung, its first batch... Read more »

New trailers: Eve of Killing, Upload, Murder House Flip, etc.

I fully hope to write a record this week about how the COVID-19 pandemic has largely shut down trailer production, but it turns out that my assumptions were wrong. Although the situation... Read more »

Flex Mode for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Revolutionary or Fancy?

Samsung Galaxy Z It has been flipping for a while. Now you may have read the review He also heard a "buy or not" verdict. If so, you have If you're willing... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Z flip mirror gold edition will be available in India on March 20

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available in India on March 20 in a Mirror Gold color version. Samsung's second foldable phone is currently available in India in Mirror Black and... Read more »

Samsung borrows from Galaxy Z Flip to protect Galaxy Fold

Samsung has two foldable phones, Galaxy break with Galaxy Z flip. The former transformed a 4.6-inch smartphone into a 7.3-inch tablet. of Galaxy Z flip It is a reversible pocket device that... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review

Summary Samsung Galaxy Z flip It's one of the few phones I'm really excited about, but after two weeks of use, I would say my mood is complicated. On the one hand,... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: a foldable phone

Before I say how much I don't like this Samsung phone, let me introduce the secret about technology product reviews: As gadget speed, features and prices have grown over the past few... Read more »

Random: The Latest Legend of Zelda: The Furious Breath Is Seeing You Can Flip the Guardian's Height

The only way is to go up. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It may be three years old, but that doesn't mean that people haven't discovered new things about... Read more »

Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip just got the ultimate upgrade from Netflix

Both the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip were on February 11th Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco. This new reversible flagship goes on sale later on February 14, but... Read more »
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