Facebook launches coronavirus community help page: users can request or provide help

Recently, Facebook released the Facebook Messenger related to coronavirus community CenterTo help users continue the pandemic. The technology giant has been fighting misinformation and helping reliable sources such as WHO to provide... Read more »

We will be able to share from Apple Music to Instagram stories and Facebook stories

Content has been shared between apps for some time, especially between music streaming and social media. However, Apple Music fans have not been able to show the world to whom they are... Read more »

Facebook pledges $ 100 million to troubled news media during corona virus crisis

Facebook today announced plans to invest $ 100 million to expand its advertising revenue to local news outlets affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In a blog postCampbell Brown, Facebook's vice president of... Read more »

Facebook invests $ 100 million in journalism during corona virus crisis

With advertising revenue declining, Facebook is helping the news media. Picture by PNG / CNET Illustration For the latest news and information on the Coronavirus pandemic, visit WHO website. Facebook said on... Read more »

Facebook aims to hit media $ 100 million with coronavirus

Facebook announced on Monday that it will allocate $ 25 million to local news media and spend $ 75 million on marketing activities targeting international news organizations in response to the economic... Read more »

Facebook invests $ 100 million in journalism as COVID-19 makes journalism more important than ever

Facebook promises that the news industry will invest $ 100 million at a time when the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means accurate reporting is more important than ever. $ 25 million will pass... Read more »

Facebook fails to investigate Daily Telegraph's misinformation strategy: NYT

Facebook reportedly failed to investigate the misinformation of the right-wing news site The Daily Wire because of concerns that it could provoke strong Republican opposition. According to the New York Times, Facebook's... Read more »

Social media usage increased by 87% during lockout; Indians spend 4 hours on Facebook, WhatsApp

The survey also revealed that 75% of people spent more time on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp compared to the previous week During the blockade, Indians turned to social media to spend their... Read more »

Facebook, Google and Twitter struggle to deal with November elections

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ordered the "blockade" of hundreds of employees late last year. Blockade is what Facebook says is a period of concentrated and focused effort on a high-priority project. Two... Read more »

Facebook launches Courier Coronavirus Community Center

Like many other large companies, Facebook is trying to ease the transition to social isolation by offering free services and products. But even if they are self-isolated, people need to maintain an... Read more »
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