The COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Note 20

Coronaviruses have influenced the lifestyle of the scientific and technological community. We have seen A few events with Device boot delay Even cancelled. We will also get new "special" online presentations to... Read more »

Tesla ventilator for COVID-19 patients made with auto parts

The latest news is not to be missed: as the COVID-19 case overwhelmed the hospital in the severely affected areas, these areas require more ventilators to help the more severely affected people... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series suffers from high price, COVID-19

Pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic has suppressed the demand of all smartphones, no matter what the brand is, but the new Samsung Galaxy S20 According to the extensive survey conducted, the series performed particularly... Read more »

Facebook provides COVID-19 self-report survey for epidemiologist research

Facebook provides a new way to help health organizations resist the outbreak of coronavirus. right now, VentureBeat report Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon University) carried out a part of a research program,... Read more »

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, HTC revenue actually increased in March

The COVID-19 pandemic has already made waves in the smartphone industry. Demand for new equipment has collapsed, and many companies such as Apple have been forced to withdraw their financial guidance for... Read more »

After theoretically connecting 5G to COVID-19, spoilers in China and the UK destroyed cell phone towers

All the confusion about the treatment of COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak, there are many different stories trying to explain how we got to where we are now: in a global pandemic. Some... Read more »

Mobile games suggest players stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to reports BBC, Rebellion, Codemasters and Activision Blizzard will display a message encouraging players to stay at home to "save lives". Despite the family's social evacuation, many people have turned to... Read more »

How 500 startup communities can help people affected by COVID-19

In these unprecedented and turbulent moments, 500 of us are committed to helping the global community. We will hold round tables and webinars with partners and founders to address related topics, including... Read more »

Apple donates more than $ 7 million to China's COVID-19 rescue effort

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, that Cupertino has now doubled its donation to China ’s anti-coronary virus effort, totaling more than RMB 50 million , About... Read more »

After the COVID-19 crisis, visit seven automotive venues in SoCal

If you are like us and because of our common unpleasant situation, you may be inclined to read, DIY projects, watch documentaries on YouTube and less educated fares, and may even learn... Read more »
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