Rivian, stagnated by coronavirus, delayed production until 2021

Rivian, an electric car startup, gave us last week Sneaky peak of progress A video produced by an idle factory workshop in a normal city in Illinois, which was made for employees... Read more »

GM wins $ 489.4 million federal contract to build coronavirus ventilator

The federal government will pay General Motors According to a new contract of the National Defense Production Act announced by the US Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday, $ 489.4... Read more »

How the coronavirus pandemic changes our smartphone usage and habits

Are you stuck at home? The opportunity is you. After watching all possible shows on Netflix, you may leave your old friends firmly in your hands. Please bear with me for a... Read more »

Honda plant in Wuhan, China, has coronavirus prevention measures

Wuhan, China—Temperature checkpoints and posters tell workers that they must be more than one meter away from Japanese automakers Honda Motor Co's reopened factory in Wuhan, China, shows how the coronavirus has... Read more »

Geico joins Allstate to provide 15% insurance credit due to coronavirus driving reduction

Geico will provide its 19 million cars and motorcycle Reflecting the reduction in the number of drivers, the number of car accidents caused by the coronavirus pandemic has also decreased. of Insurance... Read more »

Volkswagen brand SEAT manufactures coronavirus ventilator from wiper motor

Matorel, Spain-car manufacturer Volkswagen AG's Spanish branch, SEAT, is using an obscure wiper mechanism to build an emergency ventilator for the health system in response to one of the most serious new... Read more »

Coronavirus Deals: 5 Hyundai Motors with 0% financing quota, worth considering | News

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe Cars.com illustration by Paul Dolan Hyundai Motor now provides services to qualified shoppers through internal financing 0% Annual interest rate Up to 84 months [The length of the... Read more »

Kia extends warranty period for Coronavirus crisis

2020 Kia Soul Cars.com Photography: Fred Meier After the sister brand Hyundai's latest announcement Kia plans to extend its warranty to the end of June. These warranty expires in March or is... Read more »

YouTube will now delete videos that claim 5G is related to a coronavirus outbreak

After some recent conspiracy theory-related incidents, these conspiracy theories linked the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with the development and launch of global 5G networks, Urge the social media giant In order to better... Read more »

Cooking mom: Cookstar cryptocurrency legend goes downhill again, as publishers condemn coronavirus

Cooking Mom: Cookstar In a weekend, from eShop also ran to the front page news. several days ago, IGN According to reports, the Switch title was released on the US Switch eShop... Read more »
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