Car sales restricted in Q1 due to corona virus shutdown

As consumers around the world began to suffer from the coronavirus pandemic, global car sales plummeted in March due to orders from local shelters, production stagnation and slower growth, and economic turmoil.... Read more »

Corona Car Care: We Must Repair Our Modern Mucha In Shelter In Place | News

Within Hyundai Dealer. Photography: Kelsey Mays The global pandemic of COVID-19 coronavirus has escalated so much that once mundane missions are now of no avail. For example? car repair. On the... Read more »

T-Mobile with Verizon, AT & T and Sprint Corona Virus Mitigation 5G Plans and Free Data Privileges

Verizon, T-Mobile, AT & T and Sprint have all started coronavirus rescue campaigns to help current and future subscribers during the current difficult times, with plans starting at $ 15. The so-called... Read more »

Corona virus sell-off keeps investors away

Many investors who are still shrinking from the brutal state of the first quarter of 2020 are reluctant to believe it is safe to return to risk bets. Since the coronavirus pandemic... Read more »

OMC Announces Rs 500,000 Special Offer for Death of Any Corona Virus-Related Supply Chain Employees

As LPG is marked as an essential item during the lockup period, workers need to ensure that consumers have an uninterrupted supply of LPG cylinders Oil marketing companies IOCL, BPCL and HPCL... Read more »

Families of corona virus victims say goodbye through windows

Hector Juarez said goodbye to his mother through the window while standing outside the Draenor Regional Medical Center on Thursday. Susana Garcia, 52, was hung on a ventilator and was severely sedated... Read more »

Is the Reserve Bank of India's balance sheet strong enough to help the government fight the corona virus?

When governments around the world run out of funds to increase their spending, governments around the world often rush to the central bank. When the Indian government asked the Reserve Bank of... Read more »

Facebook pledges $ 100 million to troubled news media during corona virus crisis

Facebook today announced plans to invest $ 100 million to expand its advertising revenue to local news outlets affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In a blog postCampbell Brown, Facebook's vice president of... Read more »

Facebook invests $ 100 million in journalism during corona virus crisis

With advertising revenue declining, Facebook is helping the news media. Picture by PNG / CNET Illustration For the latest news and information on the Coronavirus pandemic, visit WHO website. Facebook said on... Read more »

Conte warns of more than 10,000 Italian corona virus deaths, anger against EU

Cremona, Italy-March 29: [Editorial use only] A male nurse gets a handover from the head nurse at Cremona Hospital on March 29, 2020 in Cremona, Italy. Marco Mantovani In Italy, the coronavirus... Read more »
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