Analysts say Vodafone Idea could survive if AGR payment spans at least 15 years

Kolkata and Mumbai: Vodafone idea Analysts said the limited chances of survival depended on the Supreme Court allowing the company to pay its adjusted gross income (AGR) dues in installments over at... Read more »

Vodafone Idea shares fall 40%, Bharti Aitel drops 5% after Standard Chartered AGR ruling

Ranch The Supreme Court said that after the telecommunications company's self-assessment, its shares fell as much as 40% on Wednesday. Adjusted total revenue The (AGR) fee paid by the company or the... Read more »

DoT calls on telecom operators to ease AGR: SC feels unhappy and needs to decide in two weeks

Ranch A Supreme Court judge composed of Judge Arun Mishra and Judge R R Shah expressed dissatisfaction with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) 's request to allow telecommunications operators to make installments.... Read more »

DoT mobilizes SC to provide telecom companies with 20-year AGR membership payment period

Ranch Within days of the United Cabinet suggesting relief for the hard-hit telecommunications industry, the government has filed a request with the Supreme Court for major concessions to telecommunications companies, thus changing... Read more »

Government-backed telecom company requires payment of AGR dues within 20 years

Ranch The government has appealed to the Supreme Court, allowing telecommunications companies to pay fees Adjusted total revenue (AGR) An annual interest rate of 20% is 8%, fearing that the industry will... Read more »

AGR fees: DoT will re-evaluate documents for Airtel, Voda Idea, Tata Teleservices

Ranch of Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said on Thursday it will re-evaluate documents submitted by Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Tata Teleservices as part of a self-assessment by the two companies. Adjusted... Read more »

AGR: NITI Aayog surveys minimum floor prices for telecommunications companies

Ranch Less than a week later Nidi Aayog sent a comment to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in opposition to any form of data or voice tariff floor price, and... Read more »

A telecommunications company's self-assessment of AGR membership may take at least 6 months:

Ranch A telecommunications source said that given the years and the large number of documents that must be inspected, a full assessment of a telecommunications company's self-assessment of AGR contributions could take... Read more »

Voda Idea sets AGR fee at Rs 21,533 crore as Nick Read calls for FM Sitharaman

Ranch Hours before Vodafone CEO Nick Read, union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, and subsequent minister of telecommunications Ravi Shankar Prasad On Friday, the company announced that it has completed its evaluation with... Read more »

Government separates GAIL, OIL and other PSUs from AGR case

The government has separated the gas company Gail India, explorer oil India etc Power module Lok Sabha was informed on Wednesday that the order has caused telecommunications companies such as Bharti Airtel... Read more »
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