T Mobiles 5G network may get some sort of a boost at the next major Un carrier event

T- has experienced turbulent months since the last The announcement of the completion of its merger on April 1st, both positive and negative headlines, has an 5G breakthrough, super attractive transactions for new and existing customers, a large number of power outages and the company insists There will never be several rounds of predictable layoffs.

Magenta has not experienced an exciting “no carrier” for quite a while, which is why the current CEO, John Legere, has corrected the sunken ship over the years. Since 2013, industry transfer marketing has quickly a tradition praised by T-Mo’s rapidly growing subscriber base, and has been abhorred by the Verizon/AT&T duopoly.
Okay, it looks like Now it’s to make another game change announcement, although for now, we don’t have the clearest idea yet, knowing what’s on July 16. The nominee Anthony Anderson will start at 8:30 AM EST (11:30 AM ET), T-Mobile will unveil “how the supercharged carrierless carrier will continue to change the situation of wireless technology forever.”

Basically, this means that we haven’t released the new Un-carrier announcement for than eight months, which makes us very happy to see Legere’s heir stand by.

Obviously, our best guess is that anything in the pipeline will be related to the ongoing nationwide low- signals of 5G and T-Mobile. Sprint’s mid- spectrum is also injected with some innovative millimeter wave technology Crushing the availability of Verizon on top of the “ cake” also provides fierce competition in terms of speed.
The trailer that posted on Twitter did not help solve the difficult problems before the actual event on July 16, but it only reminded us of all the great things revealed by these Shindigs in the past, including the cancellation of traditional contracts and the cost of early termination of the contract. Introduction to the “Simple Choice” , “Music Freedom”, “Netflix on Us”, “Carrier Freedom”, “T-Mobile Tuesdays”, “Binge On”, etc.
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