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SUMO Affiliates Pro is invalid It is a comprehensive WordPress membership plugin that you can use to run the membership system on your existing WordPress website. You can grant member commissions to perform operations such as member registration, form submission, product purchase, etc.

Demo of SUMO Affiliates Pro WordPress plugin

SUMO Affiliates Pro WordPress plugin features

  • Comprehensive WordPress membership plugin
  • Advanced integration with WooCommerce
  • Pass – Contact Form 7 – Powerful Form – WP Form Submitted to Affiliate Committee
  • Membership commission for email subscription through – MailChimp – ActiveCampaign
  • Member committee, used to access various pages/posts with login committee shortcodes
  • Member registration form
  • Users can attach documents when submitting the membership registration form
  • When creating an account through WooCommerce, users can directly become a member option
  • Users who have existing accounts on the site can also become members
  • When a logged-in user tries to become a member, the site administrator can choose-manage the member account in an existing account-create a separate account for membership promotion-let the user decide
  • Site administrators can via SMS and email and get the option of notifications about member activities
  • A separate form for the site administrator to manage affiliate members
  • The site administrator can choose the option to automatically approve all affiliate applications/approval after review
  • Members can use a separate dashboard to manage member promotions
  • Site administrators can create unlimited other tab options in the membership dashboard
  • Members can generate unlimited affiliate links
  • QR code can be generated for affiliate link or downloaded as image
  • The validity of affiliate links can be limited to the product for which the link is generated
  • Refer friends to members form
  • The site administrator can create a unique login page option for members
  • The validity of affiliate links can be customized by the webmaster
  • Webmasters can identify members based on –Member ID –Member Name
  • Site administrators can choose the option to allow their members to customize their membership bullets
  • Webmaster can choose an option that allows members to generate readable affiliate links (beautiful affiliate links)
  • Your members can promote products on your website without affiliate links
  • MLM system for members
  • The number of direct recommendations can be customized, the number of MLM commissions awarded and the commission rate of each level
  • Account Registration Member Committee
  • Member Registration Committee
  • WooCommerce Product Purchasing Committee
  • Webmasters can choose to set the commission rate of a single product at the affiliate level
  • Members can receive referral commissions when they use their linked WooCommerce coupons
  • Webmasters can choose to grant lifetime referral commissions to affiliates to recommend their purchased products
  • Separate form to capture URLs visited affiliate links
  • The conversion status of affiliate links will be captured
  • Separate table to capture converted referral actions
  • Webmaster can automatically approve referrals/options to approve referrals after review
  • Can limit referral commissions for specific products/categories
  • In the following cases, site administrators can choose to stop granting commissions to affiliate members:-the recommended user exceeds the specified number of orders-the recommended user exceeds the amount of consumption on the website-the recommended user exceeds the amount to be consumed
  • Webmasters can choose to allow their users to choose an affiliate member at checkout, so that the affiliate commission for this purchase will be awarded to the affiliate member
  • Webmasters can choose the option to allow their members to view the details of their recommended orders
  • Webmasters can choose the option of their own affiliate links to commissions
  • When the user uses multiple affiliate links to the recommendation operation, the webmaster can choose-the first member’s reward commission-the latest member’s reward commission
  • The webmaster can set a maximum commission amount, which can be used for any referral actions
  • Webmasters can use any of the following payment methods to process their member’s recommended payment-PayPal payment-bank transfer-member wallet-bonus points (requires SUMO bonus points)
  • Webmasters can choose to attach files to emails sent to members
  • The webmaster can choose to automatically generate and send a payment statement in PDF format in the payment email
  • Option to site administrators and members of recommended actions through overturn notifications
  • Webmasters can display the option of affiliate leaderboards
  • Webmasters and members can choose to view detailed reports on member promotions on this website
  • Webmasters have the option to send periodic reports to their members via email
  • The site administrator can choose to export the following data as CSV-Member-Visit-Recommend-Payment
  • The webmaster can choose to create a promotional banner, which affiliate members can use to promote the website
  • Compatible with SUMO bonus points-member commissions can be awarded as bonus points (requires SUMO bonus points plugin)
  • Compatible with the SUMO subscription option, site administrators can grant-initial payment only-initial and renewal membership commissions
  • Compatible with SUMO payment plan-once the final payment for the product is received, a membership commission for the payment plan product will be awarded
  • Compatible with SUMO Pre-Orders Option, site administrators can pay commissions for-pay for pre-paid products-pay for issued products
  • Highly
  • Short code listing
  • Prepare for translation
  • And more
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Download SUMO Affiliates Pro WordPress plugin

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