According to a report, OnePlus will no longer be pre-installed with -owned apps and . A few months ago, OnePlus was criticized when it started pre-installing Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other Facebook services on its phones. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that starting with the recently OnePlus 8T, these phones will no longer be pre-installed with Facebook apps and services.

Input quoted a OnePlus spokesperson as saying that the smartphone manufacturer will no longer pre-load Facebook-owned apps and services. The spokesperson said that the only third-party application pre-installed on OnePlus phones is Netflix, which is used to enhance HDR playback.

According to reports from Android Police, OnePlus has faced strong opposition for including Facebook bloatware on OnePlus , OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

Although users can uninstall Facebook-owned applications such as Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook from their OnePlus devices, they can only disable and cannot completely delete background Facebook services, such as Facebook Application , Facebook Installer, and Facebook Notification Service.

The company believes that pre-installing Facebook can ensure that Facebook’s battery efficiency is higher. It insists that it will continue to install Facebook apps and services on phones sold in Europe, and North America.

According to Input’s report, OnePlus failed to confirm that it would never pre-install Facebook apps and services, but said it would not do so in the foreseeable future. OnePlus declined to comment on how the existing OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 phones uninstall pre-installed Facebook apps and services. The report quoted a source as saying that there is no simple, user-friendly way to delete Facebook services from phones that have OnePlus preinstalled, because deleting these services may ruin the user experience.

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