Star Wars: Jedi Knight: According to the Switch eShop checklist, Jedi Academy will arrive on March 26

Update-Thursday, 26, 2020 02:25 GMT: List of games now Appeared The release date on Switch eShop in Canada seems to be the same as the release date of the PlayStation 4 version [March 26]. We just need to wait and see!

Original article-Sunday, March 22, 2020, GMT: A pleasant surprise about Switch last year was the release Star Wars Jedi II: Jedi Runaway. Although this version does not include the popular multiplayer game components, Aspyr Media is still working on patches to improve the solo experience over time.

How is this going Star Wars: The Jedi: Jedi Academybut? it is confirmed The screening of "The II: The " for Switch last September is scheduled to arrive in early 2020. Well, the latest come from PlayStation blogs everywhere. Yes, to a new post "Jedi: Jedi " will be available digitally on PlayStation 4 on March 26. Here are the instructions for this console:

This classic online multiplayer online game for PS4 with trophy and modern controls! Play as a freshman eager to learn from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. As you face your choice, interact with the famous Star Wars characters: fight for good and freedom on the bright side, or embark on the road of and evil on the dark side.

Although the Nintendo Switch version is clearly not mentioned on this page, there is one Theory walks around It can link to Nintendo DirectIt is believed to be held on March 26. The same rumors have heralded the recent Nintendo Independence show. Remember, there is no guarantee, so we just have to wait for discovery.

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