Spotify announced three new features that will help users to share music and podcasts on social media easily. New features include sharing podcasts from a specific moment. At the same time, the music streaming service will also begin to allow users to share music with Canvas on Snapchat and the updated sharing on its mobile app. Spotify’s update was announced on May 10 and will apply to both Android and iOS users. Spotify recently announced another update that changes Your library On the mobile app.

Spotify announced on its blog on Monday that it will launch three new social features for users of its Android and iOS apps. “We are constantly evolving the Spotify experience to meet the needs of listeners and are committed to providing the best audio experience for listeners around the world,” read the blog post. It added: “Starting today, we have made it easier to share your favorite tracks or podcast clips with your friends through your social media channels.”

Now Spotify will allow users to share podcasts from a specific moment. Users will be able to share podcasts with timestamps, so their friends or family members can jump into the podcast at the moment the user wants them to listen. Previously, users could only share the entire podcast, and recipients had to manually forward to the expected part of the podcast. Now, the recipient can jump to the desired moment by simply clicking the link.

In addition to the podcast timestamp function, Spotify now allows users to share music with Canvas on Snapchat in addition to Instagram stories. Spotify’s Canvas function can turn static songs/album art into an eight-second visual loop. The music streaming service also announced that it will allow users to preview Canvas before sharing on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. At the same time, Spotify also reorganized messaging and social media applications on the sharing based on usage, and arranged them in a grid view.

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In other Spotify-related news, the music streaming service is Your library The page on its mobile app. This update brings other changes, such as a grid view, dynamic filters for searching, improved sorting, and other new features.

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