A report said that went bankrupt on Wednesday in certain of the , including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, South Korea and Indonesia, and the interruption did not allow members to play any songs for more than a few seconds. TechnologyShout has not found any playback issues with Spotify on multiple accounts on multiple devices in India, so it is not clear whether India is not affected or whether Spotify has resolved the cause of this issue.

In a tweet at 6:10 pm on IST Wednesday, the official Spotify status account Tweet: “We are aware of some issues now and are under inspection! We will notify you in time.” TechnologyShout has contacted Spotify to inquire about the reason behind the problem and why India does not appear to be affected. The Verge is one of the first publications to report that American users are having trouble with broadcasting.

Update: IST said in a tweet at 7:05 pm that everything is normal and running again on Spotify, and asked users who are still facing problems to contact its support department.

Twitter users in the above regions are report Spotify is dissatisfied with them, the app will cause various errors: “Cannot play the current song” or “Something went wrong.” If you naturally play songs from offline libraries or recently played songs and playlists (because they may be cached in the device), you won’t encounter errors.

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Spotify usually has no trouble. When Facebook’s iOS SDK troublesome eliminated multiple apps, including Spotify, and caused them to crash on startup, it ran into a mobile app problem for the last time.

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