SpaceX’s Inspiration4 is scheduled to launch at 8:02 pm Eastern Time on September 15 (5:32 am on September 16th, US Standard Time). Netflix will broadcast the takeoff of the all-civilian mission from 7pm EST (4:30 a.m. IST September 16th). The live broadcast will be broadcast through Netflix’s YouTube channel. SpaceX will carry four people aboard its spacecraft and will orbit the Earth during a three-day mission. Netflix has a special documentary series called Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space, dedicated to reporting on the first universal space flight.

As mentioned earlier, Netflix has reported on SpaceX’s civilian orbital flight through a special documentary series that follows the crew to prepare for launch into space. Now, the streaming platform will live broadcast the launch of the Falcon 9 spacecraft through its YouTube channel. The live broadcast will be hosted by Queer Eye star Caramo Brown and Soledad O’Brien of Fact Matter, as well as astronauts and celebrity guests. The spacecraft will take off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. Interested viewers can also watch the live broadcast below:

The Inspiration4 spacecraft will carry four civilians. They include Jared Isaacman, the founder and CEO of a fintech company. He is also a versatile jet pilot and has been rated as flying commercial and military aircraft. Hayley Arceneaux is a physical assistant who works at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital-a hospital that saved her life when she was 10 years old. Chris Sembroski is the third passenger on the ship. He is a data engineer and a U.S. Air Force veteran. The last passenger on board was Dr. Sian Proctor, an earth scientist and science communication expert.

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also tweeted about the launch of the live broadcast on September 15.

The Netflix broadcast will also include former NASA astronauts Leland Melvin, Cody Coleman and Ron Garan. “Time” editor-in-chief Jeffrey Kruger will report live at the Kennedy Space Center. Celebrity guests will include Netflix original movies “Lost in Space”, “Shadow and Bones”, “Another Life”, “Nanny Club”, “Impossible Baking”, “Shiny Empire”, “Chair”, “Circle” , “Family Reunion”, “The Floor Is Lava”, “Love Is Blind” cast, my unorthodox life, I have never, in my neighborhood, and all the boys I have loved before.