SpaceX successfully a less than one-minute flight on Tuesday. The flight is the largest prototype of the “Starship” ever tested. The company hopes to use this day to settle on Mars.

“Mars looks real,” SpaceX founder Elon tweeted in response to fans.

The current starship prototype is rather crude: it is a large metal cylinder built by the SpaceX team on the coast of Texas in Boca Chica for a few weeks, but it is still smaller than the actual rocket.

During the trial and error learning process, some previous prototypes exploded during ground testing.

In the images shared by several space experts on Tuesday, including the space news website, the latest prototype, called SN5, reached an uncertain altitude and then landed in a cloud of , indicating good trajectory control .

“When the smoke disappeared, she stood there solemnly after flying 150 meters!” NASA’s top scientist Thomas Zurbuchen tweeted.

The so-called “jump test” is planned to reach an altitude of 150 meters (492 feet), but SpaceX has not confirmed any details about the test flight.

In 2019, an earlier prototype-the smaller Starhopper-flew to an altitude of 150 meters and returned to land.

The interstellar spacecraft envisioned by Musk will be 120 meters high and will be able to land vertically on Mars.

After welcoming two NASA astronauts back from the International Space Station, Musk said on Sunday: “We will go to the moon, we will build a base on the moon, we will send people to Mars, and make life more planetary. Transformation.”.

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Astronauts have traveled in the “Dragon” capsule developed by SpaceX.

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