Sony Thursday that it had fixed a “technical ” that caused to pay more than expected to upgrade to the new Plus tier. The issue came to attention earlier this week, shortly after the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service tier in select Asian . Some users complained that they were forced to pay extra to upgrade to any new tier if they had previously purchased the PlayStation Plus service at a discount.

Official PlayStation Support Account on Twitter Announce Corrected an issue users were incorrectly charged for upgrading from a previously purchased PlayStation Plus membership. Sony called it a mistake and said players who were overcharged would receive points.

Some subscribers to the new PlayStation Plus tier in Asia have reported overcharging. In one particular case in Hong Kong, a PlayStation customer service executive allegedly told users to pay extra to make up the difference between the standard price and the discount they had previously received before moving to a basic or service tier.

The new PlayStation Plus tiers arrive in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand as part of a global rollout earlier this week. The update is essentially designed to make PlayStation Plus a stronger competitor against Microsoft’s Game Pass and help Sony generate more revenue. It’s also a merger of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in markets the latter is available.

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Before launching the new tier, Sony restricted users to stacking PlayStation Plus . This is a strategic move to push people to the next level. However, some users still have existing PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscriptions that they have already started upgrading or plan to upgrade to one of the new tiers.Sony also shared a chart Provides a simple view of how existing subscribers move to the new PlayStation Plus tier.

In addition to the now-fixed bug-charged subscription, some early subscribers to the new PlayStation Plus tier are reporting fewer than initially teased. Sony has yet to address this issue.

The revamped PlayStation Plus service launch in markets such as India, Europe, Japan and the US in June.