Some Apple iPad Pro models suffer from bootloops
Recent posts The complaint made a week ago was Only 11-inch Wi-Fi iPad Pro (Starting in 2018 or 2020) Restart 10 minutes. Update and restart to no avail, a person’s response iPad Pro The user (recommended by ) advises the user to try a hard reset. In 2018 and later , this can be done by pressing and releasing the volume up button and performing the same operation on the volume down button. The next step is to and hold the power button on the top of the device. Although this will pop up a slide to turn off the power button, just and hold the power button until the Apple logo . The tablet will boot to the lock screen.
The latest post was posted yesterday And say in intermittent English: “Why does my Pro restart multiple on its own?” The last two articles are actually important because it proves IPadOS 13.5 update released on May 20 Did not solve the problem. Even performing a horrible factory reset cannot eliminate the error. An iPad Pro owner tried to reset his iPad Pro to factory settings twice, but to no avail. This caused the author of the post to say: “This is an update.”

There is no news whether Apple is aware of this problem and why it only affects a few iPad users. Whether the issue is strictly related to the iPadOS 13.4.1 update or whether the update caused a tablet problem hidden in the background is unknown. Due to the problems of these tablet computers, they are basically unusable, so if Apple has not started to develop an update program, I hope it will start updating as soon as possible.

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