said that after the competitor’s messaging app WhatsApp announced a controversial change in its privacy terms, the app resumed its service the day after it encountered technical difficulties as the app encountered many new .

With the changes in the WhatsApp privacy policy (which requires WhatsApp users to share data with Facebook and Instagram), the number of downloads of Signal has increased.

Signal users may see in some chats. This is a side effect of the interruption, but it will be resolved in the next of the app. The company Say in tweet.

The company added that the error will not affect the security of the chat.

Signal Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley, was established in February 2018 and was initiated by Brian Acton, who is currently the overseer of the application. Brian Arton co-founded WhatsApp before selling it to Facebook and provided initial funding of US$50 (approximately Rs 36.5 billion). .

Starting on January 15, Signal faces a global outage. Although the can open the app and send a message, nothing is actually delivered.

Later, Signal sent a message to TechnologyShout with the following statement from its chief operating officer, Aruna Harder: “We are adding new servers and additional capacity at a record rate every day this week, but today it even exceeded our most optimistic Forecast. of new users are sending a privacy-related message, and we are working hard to restore service to them as soon as possible.”

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