Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in 2020

You Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ In mid-2020, when the 20 is only a few weeks away from becoming a reality?

of Galaxy Note 20 Just around the corner, this is a promising device: Galaxy S20 Superb camera system with excellent hardware settings and the ubiquitous S Pen stylus on the deck. But…not last year Galaxy Note 10+ Still a promising device? I have been using it for several months and finally can provide an answer to this question. I admit that I am skeptical of Note 10+ in 2019, when I expressed a controversial view, compared to Note 10+ is downgraded. Galaxy Note 9, But after using it for about a month, my sight changed and I dropped my phone. Of course not literally.

Should you get the Galaxy Note 10+ in 2020?

On the contrary, getting Note 10+ in 2020 is definitely not a dumb move-this flagship store still feels as fresh as the day it was released. Surprisingly, I like that it is more important than the current Galaxy S20 series, not only because of the S Pen; the sleek overall design, the large size display and the excellent Galaxy Note kit make it an excellent phone. of Galaxy Note 10+Indicates that Samsung’s model has changed because it is the first modern mobile phone to drop the headphone jack and the first Note device that will eventually adopt the borderless trend. This is also the first Galaxy Note phone to deviate from the strict commercial design language, and it adds fun to the appearance with bright colors and shapes, making it a device that breaks the family tradition and uses its identity.

Galaxy Note 10+: good things

Note 10+’s aging is like a fine wine. Yes, it is technically less than a year old, but in the mobile market, in terms of technological progress, such a time window can be considered eternal. However, I cannot say that any department lacks Note 10+.

From a performance point of view, this phone still feels excellent in any task you perform, which… is not surprising. If you are using Note 10+ or ​​at least consider buying Note 10+, then you are likely to be an advanced user of Android, so please be assured that mobile phones can meet the demanding requirements of users. I want to know because I like to think of myself as a super user like you. I often find myself watching a picture-in-picture video while performing multi-tasking in split screen mode. Although this is a very niche thing, I never felt that I would extend the functionality of Note 10+. On the contrary, it always feels ready to be used and abused. If it can talk, it may scream “Spank me, dad!”

The display screen is another aspect of Note 10+ aging. colour? superior! Maximum brightness in sunlight? Great! “But… it has no high refresh rate display,” Some of you may say. That’s right, it doesn’t have a 90 or 120Hz display, which is popular these days, but seeing how the Galaxy S20 series implements this feature very poorly, I’m glad Samsung didn’truins‘Note 10+ is no different. As a reminder, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are all equipped with a 120Hz display, but the power consumption of the display is significantly higher, which greatly reduces the battery life by 33%. This is not very cool, especially when you consider that the 120Hz display is one of the new features often emphasized by Samsung’s flagship products. It seems that there is still room for improvement, and I hope that the Note 20 will perform better between a smooth display experience and sufficient battery life.

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Galaxy Note 10+: Things you can do

When it comes to battery life, Samsung’s flagship store always puts the function first, rather than long-term use. If you like all the features of a Samsung phone, you will hardly see its excellent performance in the battery department, it does not matter. This actually works for most calls. However, I think if the Note 10+ battery is a bit larger, but at the expense of the thickness of the fuselage, it will indeed shine, because it can make a good phone better. These days, if I use Note 10+ as I really want, instead of caring about saving energy, it will last a day, not more. Sometimes, if I really work hard and use it often in the morning, then I want to top it up at around 3 or 4 in the evening, if I want to drink some juice at night. That’s not very good, but you are used to it and made adjustments accordingly. There are many mobile phones with longer battery life, but many of them cannot have the same functions as Note 10+. This compensation makes up for a good battery life, but the battery life is not long.

Biometrics is another It’s ok Mobile phone. It has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is not as fast as an optical fingerprint sensor, and is definitely slower than many other devices that embed such scanners in their displays. The accuracy is also somewhat uncertain: on average, 2 or 3 of the 10 fingerprint unlocks require a second attempt, which is definitely an annoying thing. Of course, no one will force you to use an embedded fingerprint scanner! You can use the face unlock function…it can only be used as expected. This is not a 3D solution, so it uses a selfie camera to make it slow, not very safe, and does not work properly when you are wearing any other clothing or face to unlock a location you don’t like.

Galaxy Note 10+: Things that are not fun

Generally speaking, there is nothing to dislike about the phone, but there are a few things that drive me crazy.

For example, I almost always encounter Wi-Fi connection problems. Sometimes, it will enter the “network unavailable” mode every 15 minutes or so, so it cannot be logically repaired. As far as I know, Note 10+ does not like my home router, although almost no other phone I have used at home has encountered such problems. For my particular setup, this is undoubtedly an isolated case, so please don’t read it too much. If you have encountered similar problems on Note 10+, please say it out loud.

The mobile phone I don’t like is the 2X telephoto zoom camera. Admittedly, it can produce excellent images, but it feels a bit inadequate compared to most other zoom phones with 3x or 5x telephoto zoom on the market. What I want to say is that if you decide to use the zoom method, please keep using it and leave those nasty 2X telephoto cameras in the past. I can digitally zoom without losing quality, so a 3x or longer lens will make me prefer the Galaxy Note 10+.

The case of buying Note 10+ in 2020

Now that we have weighed and tried the Galaxy Note 10+, can we finally answer the questions raised at the beginning of this article? Should you buy immediately in mid-2020?

If for some reason you don’t need a 5G phone like me, then Note 10+ will bring you benefits in the foreseeable future. Some people may say that due to the lack of 5G support, the conventional Note 10+ cannot adapt to future developments, but this is definitely not a big problem for me and many of you. If you don’t need a camera with telephoto zoom, then Note 10+ is sufficient in the imaging department. In addition, the stylish appearance of Note 10+ will hardly be repeated; as the built-in battery is larger, the phone becomes thicker and heavier. I all want bigger batteries, but the exciting design of the Note 10+ is inherently attractive.

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