Currently, the world is almost locked in relation to pandemics, and technology companies are looking for ways to further develop their online and businesses. right now, TechCrunch report is an online platform in Canada that has launched a stand-alone mobile called Shop for its customers. Shopify is popular because its store provides an online platform, and has registered 1 million businesses, but now it will provide consumer-centric shopping applications. According to reports, the application will allow to follow local businesses, buy goods from local businesses and follow a simple checkout process.

The application is based on the update and rebranding of the package tracking application called Arrive, providing package tracking, allowing browsing of recommended products, and learning more different brands. Interestingly, there are reportedly no ads on the app, it will display a feed of recommended products based on the merchants you follow and the purchases you made previously on Shopify.

Shop River's general manager Carl Rivera said that creating such applications is related to the recent changes in the way people buy. He emphasized that not only from the desktop to the mobile , but also from the mobile Web to local mobile applications are changing. Independent or local brands may face more challenging time when they publish their own shopping apps, so Rivera said that store apps can be a place for local businesses to “profess”.

In addition, Rivera added that the app will be free for local business owners and consumers.