According to Youtube videos and recruitment information, Singapore-based Sea’s Shopee has launched a recruitment campaign to allow suppliers to sell products on the so-called “Shopee India” and is increasing its recruitment efforts in the country.

“Shopee is coming to India!” announced a video released in early August, to provide sellers and buyers with free shipping and commissions, and is linked to the seller’s recruitment form.

A company source said that the company is cautiously preparing to expand its business in India and has not yet set a launch date.

Although Sea has a team in India, it currently does not provide e-commerce services in the country.

Shopee has released a large number of Indian job advertisements in recent weeks, from seller operations to compliance, has not yet launched a localized application or website.

A Sea spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The US$172 billion (approximately Rs 1,260,615 crore) Southeast Asian group has already achieved success in India with its game Free Fire, which is described as the country’s highest-paid mobile game.

After successfully expanding into Latin America, Shopee cautiously entered India. After becoming the most downloaded app in Brazil, this e-commerce company launched in Chile, Mexico and Colombia in early 2021.

According to market researchers, Shopee is already a major player in e-commerce in Southeast Asia, bringing in revenue of US$1.2 billion (approximately Rs 88 billion) to the world for the quarter ended June 30.

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